I might be down ,but not out
Truly bent, but not broken
Injured but still i soldier on
Blessings or curses I met both
But i still stand tall and with pride
Like the statue of liberty
I feel so high and beautiful like the the Eiffel tower

Tears of a first grader bullied on her first day at school,wipes them away with hope that tomorrow will be a different day.
A testimony of what doesnt kill you makes you stronger
We all have a choice,to focus on the nasty and bad or anticipate for the coming good
Like a rock surrounded by climate change.The rain,hail,snow the heat and extreme cold
All this does prompt change but it does remain a rock
Betrayal took a fragment of my heart.Never theless it still has a beat andits all that counts
I cried at the thought of all the promises wondering what happened,but who owes me the answers.
I’ve learnt promises are like babies,easy to make but hard to deliever
It hurts to be hurt by that one person who you never imagined would
But truly shit happens and life goes on
Every single thing is either a blessing or a lesaon
Thus i get stronger with each tear
Lessons learnt the hard way ,knowing that loving someone is never an assurance that you will get love in return
It has usually been me on the giving end but getting nothing in return
Tears of a woman in labour but she smiles once the job is done and knows for a fact that only a woman can endure labour and still smile after
So to men ,masculinity will always be masculinity but it can never surpass the strength of a woman
Tears of the unexpected visit from the angel of death.Who took away my loved ones and left me in grief
Wondering why there was no sign and why i did not get the chance to say goodbye,again a lesson learnt,that death is indeed the inevitability of fate
So when the angel of death struck again i cried,but at the same time was content of all the time spent,the life lived and the memories in my heart,also the moments to cherish
It did really hit hard,a thorn piercing through my flesh,but i survived and the wound in due time healed.
The tears of struggling to fulfill something but hearing that whisper of try again.If A fails remember there are 25 more letters to the alphabet
It kept me going knowing that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams
I hold on when the odds are screaming let go
I smile when the picture on the screen holds the saddestt emotion
I dance even when life plays me a melancholic tune
I cry but quickly wipe the tears away in hope of a brighter day.The night is darkest before dawn
I roll the dice with ease,even when chances seem low because after all life is a gamble..”tata machance”
So i might be down but i aint out
Truly bent but i aint broken
Injured but still i soldier on
Blesaings or curses i have met both
But i still stand tall and with pride like the statue of liberty .I feel so high and beautiful like the eiffel tower
i am stronger with each tear



  1. You just poured out from the pit or your stomach!. Truely truely you are strong and you have always had some kind of inner peace in you because you could not have been breathing right now if it were as bad as you are making it out to be.


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