Women vs men..we are all equal

Everyone is out preaching the word of equality among humans and advocacy for the fight against racism but it seems in trying to rid some of these social ills we are still maintaining some.Gender stereotyping,gender inequality and gender imbalance are some of the problems dominant in society and the struggle is real but we tend to give a blind eye to it. Back in the day in my African culture my brothers would have been given the chance to go to school while i stay at home and help my mother with the day to day runnings in the house.All this changed as both children are given the exact same chance to go to school and make it in life. However we are socialized in a way that daughters are deemed weaker and sons stronger. Sons are taught to be masculine in blue,green and khaki clothes playing with cars,robots,swords with girls playing with dolls and kitchen toys. The process of socialization then instills or promotes gender stereotype and at an early age.Is there anyone of the two sexes who is better than the other?
Women can be doctors and so can be men,there are female soldiers and so are men ,engineers are both sexes,so where is the sterotyping coming from. The main source of stereotypes is socialization. Be it primary or secondary socialization is the main source of gender stereotypes. Most men can not imagine a world where men and women are equal but women are on a mission to fight the stigma of gender stereotyping.The battle begins with changing our social institutions as they are the source of all the trouble. But how long till the battle is won. But is the idea of the elimination of gender stereotypes even possible?One should understand that male or female we are but human.One also has to understand that let there be a difference in the way we treat each other only because of the biological differences but apart from that being male or female doesn’t matter.Its scary how some churches even deny women the pulpit,its also scary how some people actually think that women and girls are ask for rape.Its scary how some crimes against girls and women go unreported due to the social stigmas,so where are we going and when will all this end. To be playing second fiddle for the rest of my life because i am simply a woman is what i swear will not happen.
I am but human. They say you educate a man you have educated someone but you educate a woman you have educated the nation. A man is born through a woman ,and he is raised by a woman and he falls in love with a woman and he marries a woman so no need to disrespect each other or stereotype because after all we both need each other. We are all human.


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