Dedicated to my maternal grandmother who died on 04-01-15 and my late friend Kudakwashe ‘Boss’ you always x.o.x.o

I still here your voice, I still see your face, I still can’t accept my fate
I still hope it’s a nightmare, but….
As usual the angel was heartless. No one knows if it’s a he or she
So one could simply call it ‘’IT’’
It came, broke down the door and took you away from me
Like snatching a pack of candy from a toddler’s palm, left with mixed feelings
Thinking should I say it is ok because the men and women of faith call it ‘God’s time’
Or should I be mad at whatever higher and supreme authority for taking you away from me
Or should I be joyful celebrating the life lived and memories shared
A pillar of strength you were, that shoulder one needs after a bad day
That ice cold glass of water one desires in the heat
Your embrace could simply erase the worry from my mind
Your wrinkled hands, with the inside hardened by many farming seasons, would simply give assurance speaking volumes even before you would open your mouth to say something
How I would giggle and wait in great anticipation for you to sneeze after taking a ‘shot’ at your snuff
It’s all these little random things that has my pen bleeding emotions on paper
I still remember all our visits to your house and your visits too
I still remember the last time I saw you, I still remember the last touch, hug and saying goodbye
If I had known would have sung 2 Pac’s ‘’Lord give me a sign’’
If I had    known that you wouldn’t be here with us today, I would have visited more
I would have told you I love you more, I would have hugged you longer, I would have captured every moment
But looking back I still smile at the heroine that you are, the love that you gave, the lessons of life you taught us which we still hold on to even today
You are greatly missed
You might be gone but not forgotten, buried but your life not destroyed
Absent but still cherished


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