I found my MAN..

Glorious let it be for I found myself for the first time….stranger tides but I sailed on steady as my ship goes, caressing the waters….sailed north, west, south until I travelled east…deep within east until i found shore….now listen to my words as I share my lamentation of g


lory. What could have been if I had not met this MAN. The one MAN who has made my life make sense. The one MAN, who despite the flaws and the demons has seen the beauty of my soul.I searched far and I searched wide for a love so fulfilling. As I sailed through the sea on a journey to an unkown world, I hit large waves but I soldiered on. The search had to be done for I did not know where I was going to, where the waves were going to take me and the end result of it all. But even as it was senseless at that moment I could smell an air of peace lingering in the air. I could have stayed in my own circle all by myself but I felt I owed my life and all I had to this one MAN. Like a betrothed damsel I was eager to meet this MAN.
The journey took so long, it got even tiring but I did not dare look back for within me I felt my completion nearing. I decided to keep going,  though the journey ahead was a mystery and the miles covered seemed beautiful not at any time did I choose to go back. I finally met this MAN who as I was searching for completion  now gave me more questions which  I wanted answered about my new found love. The MAN who said to me that come to me with your burdens and weary heart and I will give you rest. The MAN who is the perfect better half who actually knows what is on my mind is it troubles, requests or prayers before I even say it.
The MAN who is always there even when I mess up. I have done bad to a lot and they have since ceased to care about me. But I found a MAN who despite me messing up every now and then will always hug me and embrace me with forgiveness in his heart and say ‘’its ok baby I forgive and I still love you’’. Oh how I love this MAN for with him and I do not have to pretend. With him I simply have to be and he will figure out the rest. Actually he had it all figured out already and as I sailed on my journey to meet him he was eagerly waiting. Oh what great joy I have in my heart,knowing that I am not perfect but there is a MAN who gave his life for me. The love that the majority of earths inhabitants are searching on sites, clubs and all I found it. My Man is perfect in every way better than any twenty first century classic man.I will look no further for with this man is where my heart lies. I am not perfect but grace and mercy rewrote my life and I met Jesus.I pray one day we all meet this MAN.


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