No One knows

She walks in a room with her golden locks tied up in a perfect bun, her clothes flawlessly ironed and her shoes appear to be crushing some demons on the ground.

Her smile captures your attention even with you unwilling


Her confidence makes her appear like she owns her talk and truly runs the world.

She gives out this positive vibe that makes the next person feel like they can do it too

Her eyes glow, making the stars feel like they ain’t shining but if all see her soul would they still smile and blush or wallow with pity for truly NO ONE KNOWS.

No one knows the struggles she went through to be the woman that she is today nor the battles she fought as she carefully hides the scars so as to be no ones pity party.

No one knows the many times she fell and cried and stayed on the ground for a minute with jubilant people celebrating her fall but she had to rise up not to prove anyone but to be the best of her own self.

No one knows that the confidence is a result of many years where certain characters thought they where simply destroying the jewel but in the end they just even smoothed and perfected the black diamond.

No one knows how the glowing eyes which now shine bright are only glowing now but were nothing close to bright in the past

She appears so pretty in pink but no one knows of her dark past which is a hollow and dark tunnel she would never want to get back to

No one knows it was  her choice to abandon this past that has today’s Da Vinci painting her soul as beautiful

Like Hathor the goddess of love she loves ,holding nothing back and going all the way 100 because no one knows how it feels to be alone and not have a companion but she knows the feeling of great satisfaction when you truly love and hold back nothing

She appears to be the ruthless warrior who is out to kill but no one knows beneath the steel amour  is a heart of soft marshmallow

So when you see her doing the pretty girl rock do bare in mind that she had to fight many uglies to look that pretty, many imperfections to have the confidence of an actress at a Hollywood play , she had to fall a thousand times so that she rises and stands tall with pride like the Eiffel tower.

She fought many battles many which she will take to her grave and go unknown or noticed but the scars and scratches on her soul tell the story

She had to start irrelevant to be relevant because she held on to her dream

She was broken but brought the pieces back together to give shape to the destroyed portrait and now as she talks her voice lures your whole self to her , her eyes captures your inner being and her character even makes you appreciate womanhood as a whole because no one knows it was quite the journey but even as she grew weary she focused on the price.

So they do admire and some envy because truly NO ONE KNOWS!!!!




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