When i first met you

Coincidence, mistake or God planned

Destiny, fate or just one of those

To smile ,to laugh ,to cherish or to simply ignore

Could I, would I, should I..no no no

All these questions were o a marathon in my pea sized brain .

From a non-scientific and non-biological point of view one wonders how all these questions were randomly in my brain

But that which is an impossibility or mere fantasy in a humans mind ,is rather a reality in the creator’s and the heart of those men and women of great faith

All this i could preach and share as my world did a 360 turn to happiness . This is a testimony of when i first met you

When I first met you i felt love and ironically i was annoyed. Annoyed at the fact that i was simply falling for that same specie which has caused me pain and heartache in the past.

I now have the bruises and marks from loving so hard. But these marks are beautiful and show how brave i am to have survived what many are even scared to try.

Like revelers admiring the Mona Lisa portrait at an exhibition, so did I at the sight of one of the creators finest work of art.

Like a potter tracing the edge of a clay pot to make it as fine and smooth  as possible. Like  sculptor who chirps off the edges to give the sculpture  a beautiful finish.

Like a tailor trimming the loose threads to finish a exquisite garment so did the creator with you

Your body like the sun rays struck me from a distance .My 21st century classic man

If it was up to me I would have named you Adonis , for you truly have the looks that strike the eye.

Your great personality is only but the icing on the readily delicious cake.

When you touched my hand to say hie , the hairs on my neck stood. Now the mention of your name sends shivers down my spine . I blush and giggle when i talk about you.

Even after all this time i would still catch a grenade for you like Bruno Mars, want to kiss and tell like Ciara, want to tell the whole world that I am so into you Aaliyah ,want  to be in your warm embrace  all night long like Lionel Richie, like Fantasia i get butterflies in my tummy and my inner goddess does the whip and nae-nae like Silento, i could go on and o but like Donald said falling in love is crazy but it’s amazing, but uBusi uthi you are so easy to love. Sa Daisy kuna Tuku wazadzia hupenyu hwangu ,hwaga uri gasva ukandiratidza rudo rwechokwadi sa Brian K and now i am madly inlove like Promics and Cleo.

All this I could preach and share a my world did a 360 turn to happiness. This is a testimony of when i first met you..

Close up of couple about to kiss

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