A letter to GOD….


I write this letter with great joy and an ear to ear grin on my face because you have been the most amazing Dad. I have had my highs and lows but you saw me through it all and the mere fact that i am here and alive today is evidence that through it all there is that man who loves despite stature, background, hair or skin color and he sticks closer than a brother.

I have days when i wake up and desperately want to give up on oxygen but then your word sends me constant reminders and i look upon the works of King David and remember that even when the going seems too tough and the mission of life practically impossible ”I will lift mine eyes unto the hills. From whence cometh my help. My help cometh from Jehovah the creator of heaven and earth”.

Some of the days are way too dark but i know the sun will truly shine after the dark storm. Father forgive me for so many times it feels like the world is sinking in and i can’t breath and i start to question your ability but i am praying and striving that let my FAITH overcome my FEARS.

I am sorry for ever doubting because even back in the day in the bible you have no record of failure from the book of Genesis up to Revelations, what reason would i then have to doubt you now. Are you not the same God who has been there since the day i was born, the days i got sick, the days i was troubled, the days i was broke. Oh yes you are and this letter goes to tell you that i am forever grateful.

I look at my life and i am amazed and there are so many times when so many people do not get it but i simply look up to the sky and say silently in my heart ”I know that was you my God”

OHH God how i always ignore that inner voice telling me that what i am doing is super wrong..please forgive for i am weak but i am working on being that lady whose future you so have figured out. My dear Father please give me a spirit that is as strong as my personality. I feel hurt and down and have memories of people who hurt me and it hurt so bad that i never thought i would get back up and go on.

But Father i pray that please give me strength each day to get over all of this and remember that i mess up uncountable times but you still take me back how about i do the same for those who wrong. May i also work on doing good to everyone.

May the zeal i have of being a worshiper in your house be as hot as the lava of the volcano and may that fire never burn out. When i stand in front of your people Lord use me as a vessel unto your honor, so the glory and honor are retained to you. May i not focus on the voice but rather what i can do with it for the honor and glory to be retained to you.

So many times i feel lost and have no idea which way to go but may you shed your light so i don’t loose sight of the vision and the dream. You are a father to the fatherless but may i also be reminded that it is my duty to give to the needy from that which you have given to me.

And oh God i want to be loved and i also want to love may you please guide and protect the love of my life and bless the work of his hands you should see the smile on my face as i write this..May you protect my friends and family as they look out for me and may i always remember to do the same at all times. There are so many people i would want to stretch out too but i fail God may you always assure them that you are a rock they can lean on.

I have so much to say to you but hey these are just some of them but above it all i thank you for everything you have done and the love that has been the same since day one and bringing me this far..i love you..

Your grateful daughter


More letters coming..follow the blog for scotch_royalty’s letter series.





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