A Letter To my Beloved Parents

Dear Mother and Father

I look back at the days when I was your little girl and i had so much energy that none of you could contain and you would actually complain about the fact that I do not even get to shut up but you still would worry when i wake up quiet or get back home from school sad.

As I write this letter I am overwhelmed with feelings that I can not even name but one thing is certain your baby girl is grateful.Neither words, no this post can simply put the nail to the wall so that the whole world knows exactly how i am feeling.

But I can confidently say with a goofy grin on my face that I have THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD!!!!

I still have the memories of the mornings when Mom would be busy tying my ponytails and putting green and yellow ribbons which matched my uniform in junior school and Dad would be polishing my shoes.I couldn’t ask for more.

I remember the time i had you all worried because I got home and closed the door and slept and no one knew i was home but because i was very skinny when you opened the door you couldn’t notice your baby was there. I still can see your face when you realized that i was home all this time. I could see the relief in your eyes and i am sure if I had not shown up you were going to break down.

You have taught me that no matter what in life there is this one important thing called LOVE. For where there is LOVE there is LIFE.

The love that you have shown me the two decades and a few years that i have been on this earth and you have been in my life can carry me to the next century. You have loved  me even after messing up a million times and making you angry so much that i could see your faces turning red but after all that you always had room for me in your heart.

If there is a special gift that we all need in this world is that one person or those people who will always be there with you every step of the way and keep telling that YES YES..YOU CAN MAKE IT.

You have been those people in my life who when i felt like giving up on everything you were there to hold my hand and tell me that I can make it.

I still have the best wishes cards and notes that you gave me before my exams I would want to do the same for my kids and their kids too. I am sorry because at times i might have not shown how much i appreciate all your efforts but trust me I do and the two of you are on my heart just like a tatoo.


Iam sorry for making you cry at times with words said,things done i was  but only a child. Thank you for all the blessings you speak upon my life and I pray that they come to pass. It is your wise words and encouragements that give me the strenght to sail through the storm.

Thank you for the love you have shown other people apart from your own children. It feels so good when someone tells me how much you are great people even when you leave this earth the hearts you touched will be  a sign that you were here.

They say it takes any man or woman to have children  but it takes the strong ones to be parents and for me you have been THE WORLD’S MOST AMAZING PARENTS and for that i am forever grateful.

I know raising me was no walk in the park but looking back i reflect on it and thank you Mom and Dad for being there as i threw my tantrums, when i was a hormonal teenager and the opinionated grown woman but the love hasn’t changed.

I will never complain about what you did not give me because i know it was all you had. A parent’s love for their child has no boundaries. I appreciate all you did for me because i know if you had more you would have given me that more.

They say children are a gift from God but to me you my God sent gift too..May God repay you tenfold..



Your baby girl


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