But Why NOT ?

So there is a belief in this supernatural that it has all the answers. But we also got so many questions and a fair amount of doubt on the possible ability of the Great Supreme yet if after believing in that power we feel some comfort and assurance.  WHY NOT?

Oh how I remember the testimonies by teary men and women at our old church of what the Lord has done for them and many other people in their lives. But is this Lord a selector of men and does he work on favoritism? No not really,because of the people giving testimonies were men and women of different backgrounds,stature,tribes and colors. So I shelved my doubts and said to myself WHY NOT?

Many times we claim to have friends and relatives whom we love but the same people have hurt us and many times we have also hurt them. They say there is a thin if not even invisible line between love and hate but should we hold on to the hatred while giving up on love opting hatred.Well I have  learnt that love ignites a fire that no amount of hatred can extinguish so even after the pain and betrayal I still want my friends and relatives close because there ain’t no greater thing than love. WHY NOT?

Some talk about pain and suffering but it is really all that pain and suffering that makes the triumph even greater and much more visible. After the pain of rejection, the pain of loosing loved ones ,the pain of memories which hurt so bad and the suffering of the mind,I weighed my options and realized staying down would hurt more imagining where could be with the immense potential I have. I thought to myself, WHY NOT?

The world has its own rules made by them instituted by the elite in society. Society has its blue print making it hard for anyone to make it and oh i won’t start to lament my experience as a girl child but the rules made but the world can simply be bent, the expectations overlooked and work on being me and living my dream. So many women who made history chose to live past it all so I decided WHY NOT?

Oh I have cried so many times, the feathers in my pillow can bear witness. I cried till I could not cry anymore. Maybe I am not aware but surely have caused some pain on a dear soul. I have had pain that felt like a sword piercing into the center of my fragile heart. I have felt that I could not do it anymore and that love was overrated. I said love was not for me. I have doubted it when the princes came and prophesied their love to me. I truly rejected them without even thinking twice.But there came one dear Prince who before I could reject him I had to lift my eyes while sitting on my throne of ache and as he laid the cards in the table with a smile that sent warmth to my cold heart.

I remembered that it feels so good to love someone and even greater to be loved so i told my hurting self WHY NOT?

Whatever it is that you are going through and whatever decision that you are struggling to make right now remember you only live once. LET GO AND TAKE THE RISK BECAUSE IF IT IS ALL SAFE THEN WHERE IS THE FUN. I mean really WHY NOT?????


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