A letter to the President

This letter should have been addressed to My president but as it stands it does not feel  like it hence it is being addressed to The President. In my two decades on this earth I have always heard and watched deceiving politicians pretend to be a government for the people by the people when we all know that the kind of government we have is the kind of government that is meant for the people but is actually a government of and for the ruling party.What pains me trust me is the fact that I am yet to understand why we are proud to be called highly educated and literate in Africa when that so called education is doing nothing for the graduates, their families and the nation at large before we even talk about the world.

One then questions what really is education with all the confusion among parents and guardians and the students over the new curriculum.Is all this really relevant and there we have the responsible ministers claiming there was a consultative period before it was put in place but a few citizens would bear witness to these claims. What then is the benefit of being educated and highly literate when the certificates have since gathered dust on the walls or with many photocopies being eaten away by termites at companies were many dropped their cv’s or stuck in some Human resources manager’s email who doesn’t even know what do with them.

You preach about Zimbabwe’s education when most of your kith and kin have enrolled in Universities and colleges in Cyprus,China, India,South Africa,Canada,Malaysia just to mention a few. So are your kids just too good for this education system you have put in place or you know Harvard and UNISA are likely to earn you recognition than Zimbabwe Open University, enlighten me. Growing up we were always told that education is the key to success but in the Zimbabwean context despite this so highly educated population  we got 84%employed in the informal sector and only 11% in the formal sector leaving the educated with not so much hope and aspirations but ”kutoita gweja”.Not to mention the many kids who have been robbed of the opportunity of growing up with their parents or siblings who missed their first period, boyfriend or girlfriend, first day at school, prize giving day and even graduation simply because they were out on the grind trying to make ends meet. Makes me wonder how do you sleep at night?

We have the City fathers on a campaign that The Sunshine city is going to be of world class city status but then what really does the council and the municipality and the relevant authority have in place. So the state of Harare is truly disheartening and we can’t blame even just the authorities but even us the citizens as we are behind in our rates and all but isn’t this the case also with the government organizations who owe the council millions of dollars.And in your desperate measures to lure people to support and vote for you, you cleared huge amounts of debt owed to the councils without actually replacing these debts so if we are running our country like a kiosk or spaza shop then we are simply running in circles we are not going anywhere it is getting worse by the day.

violence in zimState enterprises, which once made up 60% of the economy, have been struggling mainly due to mismanagement and corruption, recording perennial losses and relying on Treasury for survival.How about in your parliamentary sessions you give us tangible information on how to move forward as a nation than the drama you guys give us like we are on Keeping up with the Kardashians.We are sick and tired of the members of parliament who pretend to care about the people and understand what the people in their constituencies are going through yet they even stay in a different neighborhood. I would rather be in a country without these cheats and liars than be busy wasting money giving incentives for simply being an honorable member in a silly parliament which is doing nothing for the people claimed to have voted for them into power.

We have commissions which we do not even know what they are doing for the country and the one that surprises me the most is the Human Rights Commission with all the inhuman dealings that have been going on. In your quest to control power oh dear Sir you have decided to control the media because you sure know that the pen  can make or break you. Your propaganda puts the D in disgusting. We are made to watch current affairs which literally has nothing  to do with  us as a people examples the birthday bashes, the first ladies rallies were it is evident she really needs to enroll in a school for the etiquette. We have repeats of political stuff tagged ”back by public demand” but surprisingly on social media that public will be complaining. We want diversity , politics is not the only thing that we can watch on the national broadcaster. Your broadcasting policies have since crippled the broadcasting sector and scared off potential investors.

The government’s involvement within the media has since eroded the main reasons why we have media in any country. This is to inform , educate and to entertain. Can the media be the media and the government be the government not have one try to control the other. The abduction of other journalistS God knows by who and the harassment and even their arrest has silenced many journalistS and activists yet in your constitution you preach about press freedom, freedom of expression with some clauses not fully defined only to realize after you bump into the men of the law. So I am convinced my rights are simply on paper but i can not exercise them.

The world calls us a peaceful people but because of the iron fist that leads us we have been left paralyzed  ,scared and just thanking God for the day passing with us being alive. We have a crippled economy, education sector ,mining and industrial sector ,the media should i go on. Your investment policies are the same as trying to influence someone to buy a melted icecream or zondo rine nhunzi truly hazviite and hazvishande. We want to be hopeful and reach for the stars but you have crushed our dreams and taken away the light from our children’s hands. How about we try, no not try but how about we actually be fair  so we can actually be proud citizens of an independent country and let this power be shared and see how it goes. The honest truth is we are tired and hopeless. There is no Republic called Zimbabwe we are simply a people that once was but is no more.

P.S :I am not done my second letter is coming.







2 thoughts on “A letter to the President

  1. This is truly a masterpiece and l so relate with your anger as the true value of being called a Zimbabwean has be washed away with each generation proudly relocating to foreign countries seeking for better refuge.Zimbabwe who are you becoming now…???

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