The Color Purple

”Red and yellow and pink and blue, purple and orange and green.I can see a rainbow”.

The nursery rhyme rings in my head as I relive my childhood. I don’t know if it’s all in my head but  all I can see is a colorful childhood.But the memory is slowing fading away in a world which seems stuck between black and white or fifty shades of grey. The world has become so color conscious and the virus is quickly spreading to some 6 billion beautiful souls and it is truly disturbing. A world which classifies people and treats them according to skin color.

The tag of either black or white has left me wondering, What really is the measuring instrument when it comes to the human skin color scheme? Is there really a black person ,who is as black as or a white person who is as white as the actual color itself? Imagination of such color schemes got me rolling with laughter as I can’t even get myself to imagine the selfies on social media of people as black as coal or as white as snow.

The women and men of faith claim that we were all made in the image of God. This has since raised questions on whether the man up high is either black or white or even mixed. As I have seen certain traits being associated  with the ”black people” and certain traits being associated with ”white people” and so much for the ”colored person”. But then who sets the bar as to how people with different skins act ? Who sits at the adjudicator’s panel to write off one as black or white?

Accepting life in its entirety and taking time to appreciate the diversity and richness of all the different people will open our eyes to many things we have taken for granted . Every human being has a soul always alive and filled with infinite treasures. This can blind us from seeing and comparing the color differences but celebrating the life and beauty of each human being.We have become so color conscious  that color is considered in marriage, job offers, business deals and contract signing.

It’s funny how we have turned a blind eye to potential and beauty while focusing on color.Sometimes what one ought to do is to turn everything upside down to make sense of it. What if feeling the wind on your face, hugging your child, laughing with a friend, taking the family out on a picnic ,helping a stranger in need or watching the sun set and waking up in the morning.What if this is what it’s all about?

It’s something to stop and consider as we race through our daily lives. Let’s close our eyes to color  because we really neither black nor white. Let us close our eyes to the fifty shades of grey or the hundred colors in between black and white. Let us close our eyes to the different ethnicities , cultures. Let’s open them to see the beauty that exists in one another’s heart beyond the COLOR....

Photo credit: Vance Guwa



3 thoughts on “The Color Purple

  1. Hahaha true my dear. We think coloures are the perfect ones yet there is a hiden thing behind those bright coloures that we dont know. I like one thing in life,learning from our going to close my eyes now no longer want to see those bright coloures. LOL

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