A slight out of sight

It was a slight out of sight
for me that made me see that
he is out of mind for me..
He said he was not into public
affection but seemed more of
he did not approve of the attention
he would get from being seen with me..

A little less of the attention
anyone expects,
zero affection I got from him
but he gave me all the frustration.
Frustrated I started opening
my eyes.. slowly seeing that he
was not meant for me..
I wonder what took my sight when
his status was all about yezzus
when I need a man bragging about Jesus..

He wanted me to be the light that
made him bright so he could
twinkle to stars so he could start a life..
He knew I was gold but he thought
I was too old school for him..

I do not mean to brag but if he
wants to leave he could stretch
wider than a leaf.
When he had my head under the sand
he put his head between my legs,
he lips speaking swiftly under me..
Under me thats when you redressed me..

Bless finally when I thought
I was in a mess, you gave me every
reason to not to be in distress..
Undressed like falling
from the sky trying to kiss the
sun, you gave me shades to look
at the bright.. A shade of darkness
to reach the moon you redressed me..
Out of distress you birthed light
in me eureka! you made me found
from you..

It was a slight out of line
of me to have you in sight of me,
now you are well out of mind for me
I would never try to find..

By Emily Magadu #Chikandamina


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