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”I’M NOT PUTTING DOWN!! We have a HOPE so strong it’s birthing a COURAGE so infectious ”- @PastorEvanLive

Over the weekend, I had someone close to me ask me ”wamboona Mawarire’s new video”, asking me if I had seen the recent video by Zimbabwean Pastor Evan Mawarire who started with the viral #ThisFlag movement. The movement which had Zimbabweans both here and in the diaspora airing out their views, lamenting their sorrows of having not much to celebrate on the 18th of April each year after 37 years of independence.

I will not get into the details of the demonstrations, Mawarire’s arrest, him leaving Zimbabwe, his fame and popularity in the world, the charges against him, the mixed feelings amongst Zimbabweans on whether this brother really has Zimbabweans at heart or not or whether he was doing it for some selfish reasons or advocating for change. Whatever your thoughts maybe the #ThisFlag movement has in a way brought Zimbabweans together giving you an example of the way they were advocating for Mwarire to be freed, Partson Dzamara to be freed and also airing out their views on social media and even taking part in the stay aways.

I know you are probably saying what is wrong with this child what we need are solutions, oh yes that’s why I am here to have my fellow Zimbabweans share with me the solutions that would bring that change that we are all yearning for.So in his recent video Pastor E mentions that he is not putting his flag  down he is going to keep walking with his flag as there is no law in the constitution that prohibits him from moving with the national flag.This then got me thinking about the number of people who bought the national flag at the brink of the campaign last year and started moving around with their flags me included but have since stopped.

We want change and yes change will come but  we also need perseverance and eat, think and sleep on the idea that if change is not here then there the more need to make our voices heard out there. My question to you then becomes who is supposed to bring this change that we all want.

Barrack Obama came with his ”YES WE CAN” slogans when he was campaigning for American presidency and he said, ”Change will not come if we wait for another person or some other time, we are the change we have been waiting for”.

I believe as much as people are sick and tired of Mugabe, Zanu Pf and the many politicians, we can never change these people unless we change the people who elect them, that’s changing the mindset of you and me. We have to become the change we want to see.

On the video, Pastor E was talking about how in order to totally reshuffle the government we can’t just start by just the president but right from the grassroots which are the members of parliament and councillors. Some of us have no idea who our Mp’s are but we are busy complaining about how they are not doing much in our communities.So here is my plea to you Zimbabweans let us work on removing and changing those Mp’s and councillors who haven’t done anything for us since they were elected yet  when they came they pretended they had out interest at heart and acted as if they could relate to our struggles. But were are they now with constituencies having water problems, uncollected rubbish, over populated schools, bad roads and so much more.

We say there is no need to vote ‘zvagara musangano uchangohwinha’‘ ,the ruling party will always winbut that’s what we want to change. We need to register to vote and then go on and vote and bring forth the change that we want. I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of these people, basically ka ndabhoo. A bunch of other Zimbabweans have never seen the ignorance, degradation, hunger, sickness  and futility that other Zimbabweans are living in, they won’t be involved in  economic or political change until something brings the seriousness to their doorstep.

But what other seriousness do you want to see when every single time you pass the bank there is a winding queue of people who have worked but struggling to get their money. Relatives being attacked in foreign land as they went to seek greener pastures. We are so not putting the flag down up until we are heard.The time for change is now and the change we have been waiting for you is us, these folks as comfortable as they are will never know what hit them.

Put all those politicians and the presidents wife and kids on minimum wages and you will see how fast change will come.We need policy change and the most important thing people can do is to contribute and participate in  the political process. We have to vote out the people who are making us question if we even have rights as citizens of this nation and those people who are even against the National Peace and Reconciliation Bill.We are the change our nation needs.

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3 thoughts on “#ThisFlag #ThisZimbabwe #WeAreOne”

  1. wonder if it was us (as the mob) failed #ThisFlag or ThisFlag failed on that moment we were about to cross the RedSea or we overrated the movement to expect more which was beyond movement reach……

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