I Am A Woman And I Am Not Sorry

It’s hard, it’s tough and many would say they  understand. You wouldn’t understand how it feels to be a woman if you really not one. You could sympathise and pity. Like  how only a mother knows the pain of  child birth, only a woman knows the struggle.

No man knows how it feels to live your life apologising  for who you are or not being who the world or society wants  you  to  be. Some do sympathize , some do  pity but they will never understand. I have always wanted to see things from the eyes of a wife basher, a rapist  or an abusive male partner. In my few decades on this earth I have since failed to get a convincing answer as to why anyone would choose  to be the reason of someone’s agony. Or how someone thinks that I am supposed to act a certain way based on gender.

I think it’s sad for the people around me because despite being a woman and having tons of expectations I am on a mission to do me. I have grown tired of   being sorry for not being that which they want me to be.

I am not sorry that I choose to develop myself and grow as a woman on my own before I choose to settle.

I am not sorry for agreeing that a man can take care of me but I also can take care of myself .

I am not sorry that I still believe in being real and don’t have time to play around, if you not being real I don’t have the space nor the time for you .

I am not sorry that I want to involve God in all I do.If you believe in something else it’s okay let me do me

I am not sorry that I would walk away without hesitation the moment I feel unsafe  or the moment someone  decides to make my body his punching bag.

I am not sorry that I love my career and would not settle for someone who thinks my place in the world is at home so what am I supposed to do with all the potential and energy I have.

I am not sorry that I want to dress in a certain way and even if you see it unfit I will dress how I want when I want.

I have been told how to act around people,how to talk,how to dress, how to eat  or even how to love.I have lived my life apologising for so many things which now feels like I have been apologising for being a woman and apologising for being  me. I am not on a mission of being a size 6 waist or have the finest behind and  or the lightest skin. I am fine and feel amazing the way I am . I am not on some vegan diet or whatever because I keep fit and diet does not exist in my vocabulary.

I am a woman and  I am not sorry for who I am. I am not on a mission to explain to the society why I am the way I am , or dress the way I dress, or talk the way I do or walk the way I do or everything else that I do. I am a woman and I am proud.

Like my friend Pineapple always says ”Do you because life is too short to live according to society’s blue print.”

Just let me be a woman and appreciate me if not then walk away because I am unapologetic for being who I am.


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