Songs Of The Broken Hearted…

I gave you my all; I can’t say you gave me nothing. Indeed you gave me something, but you sure left me wanting.

Wanting more of something; something that I just felt you were not giving.

Could it be that I was simply the impossible woman. With so much expectations, and a thirst that could never be quenched.

Or maybe I was simply the girl who was giving it her all and just didn’t expect anything less than 100.

Broken Stone Heart
Image From Pinterest

Could it be that I was way too desperate for love that I chose to believe the lies and say it was real? That even as the tell-tale signs were there somehow I gave myself an illusion of better things.

Or maybe I was simply the girl whose hopes and faith were misplaced.

Could it be that it was a lesson; a worthy experience. They say experience is the best teacher, I guess I needed this. I had to learn somehow.

Or maybe I was simply the girl who was just one thing, a fool.

Could it be that she was always better than me. Or that there was just that thing that she had that I didn’t have that she had.

Or maybe it is just plain simple; it’s clear. One cannot stop loving someone overnight; but it’s either you will get to forget them or you will always love them.

Could it be that I expected, wanted, needed, asked and demanded too much.

Or maybe you had so much to give, but just not what this girl needed nor wanted.

Could it be that I prayed to the wrong authority and my angel was not there for guidance.

Or maybe you actually were an answered prayer just not mine.

Oh well, it actually could be that, or maybe this I will never know. But one thing I do know is I am NUMB….


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