Men want some…

So I used to be the girl who swore to never buy her boyfriend anything with my own money. I wouldn’t buy a birthday present, a christmas gift or even a gift on the anniversary. Talk about surprises and random gifts I had my mind set that no brother would get such from me. The story rather became sad as I wanted that which I swore not to give. In my venecular they say, “kandiro kanoenda kunobva kamwe “,meaning give and you will also receive.

I later came into a realisation that any relationship is a two way street and that means both parties involved ought to compromise. So you always tell your friends about “Bae” not being romantic or if it was me I would be calling him “typical mukaranga”. But what about you, you are simply waiting for the brother to lead the way because he is the guy in the relationship. Would it really hurt if you would just do that little sweet gesture like having his favorite meal delivered at his office or place, or taking him to that movie that just came out that he has been talking about all week?

Well we all want the expensive gifts or a partner who simply goes out of the way for us. But are we also willing to give that which we want our partners to give. It is just a matter of doing that one thing or those few things that will put a smile on your beloved’s face. So many married women most of them young are out there complaining of being bored in their marriages. Some complain that their husbands are not doing anything but really what are you as the wife or the girlfriend doing? You know when a bad thing is done over and over again we tend to conform to it and accept it as right. I haven’t talked to every single male being on this earth but I have talked to enough to conclude that men want some “good good loving” too. It won’t hurt to surprise him, get the tab, get him a gift even when it is not his birthday or Christmas. I am typing not from an equal rights perspective or any of that gender equality tip but just as that lady who realized how happy her boyfriend was at all the random and even littlest gifts. So go on, do that little something and I promise you as long as he got his brain in the right place he will surely appreciate your efforts. You want him romantic, if he wasn’t raised that way show him and he will reciprocate. Do share your thoughts in the comments sectionStock Photo


5 thoughts on “Men want some…

  1. You have hit the spot. It reminds me of the heydays when my mah would buy my dad small items like a pair of socks and shirts… I think the stereotype of men taking the load throughout a relationship into marriage should stop…yeah men want some but its not always the case…men need that other some…

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