Know Your Circle

1 Corinthians 15:33 Do not be fooled, bad companions ruin good morals.

My Dad wrote me my first letter after I went to boarding school and he wrote me the above quoted verse in the letter. He emphasized on how I should choose good friends and I did take heed of his words. Sadly I didn’t make much friends in high school and if you ask me why I really don’t know.

I did make a few friends though and I am truly grateful and proud of my choice (not all though).I used to envy my older sister and other people who would introduce me to their childhood friends. I would always hope that of the very few friends I had one day we would be together after a couple of years.

But what if I didn’t want them around me anymore or the other way around.I have a friend I met in high school and we became the closest of friends. She stayed just two houses away from me. So if I was bored, craving a different sandwich, needed  help with my outfit or needed a shoulder to lean on she was my go to person.

I don’t know how,but somehow we drifted apart. I don’t know if it’s because of the fact that she became a wife  and then a mom or what but somehow the conversations became less same as the visits. This didn’t mean I didn’t love my friend because I even tried  to fix the relationship we had but it just wasn’t the same anymore.

WAGS cast:Courtesy of E!

I later realised that maybe not every friendship is meant to last forever. Some friends are in our lives  for a reason,  some for a season and some for a lifetime. Some of my old friends taught me that it’s not about the number of people in your circle,  it is rather more about who is willing to ride with you and for you.

This whole “my ride or die” captions on social media has created this illusion of great friends when some are mere associates who need the other person at their convenience. If you want to see who your true friends are screw up or go through a challenging time see who sticks around.

Then there are those who we thought were our friends but we always hear about what’s going on with them from other people on social media. Then there are those who only need us in bad times. I am not saying we all need to suffocate each other by being all over but when your “friend” doesn’t share or involve you in the important things in their life then what’s the difference between you and a random  twitter follower.

I have distanced myself from certain people I used to call friends not because I am the perfect woman but because I realised there really was nothing for me in th relationship. Some of them it was clearly bad association and I simply chose not to be associated with such.

If they are not helping me grow and be the best version of myself,  correcting me when I do wrong, supporting me then why am I even bothering with some people and calling them friends..
Some friends come into your life and make such an impact in your life that you can barely remember what life was without them.Some come and you realize you don’t need them at alllife was better the way it was. So here is to lang lasting fruitful friendships and discarding the bad associates like garbage..LOL


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