Dangerous Affairs

So before I dig deep into my story for today I just need to make some things very clear. I do not condone cheating of any sort but to those doing it I do not judge you it’s a personal choice after all. Secondly I decided to write this story because I am honestly sick and tired of affairs gone wrong and the side chick or the side guy just not knowing their place.

I have seen a couple of individuals the majority being women bargaining and getting into a situationship boasting ”I got this”. I have seen  a couple of individuals settling for the situationship or knowingly being sidebae claiming ”at least there aint no stress involved”.

I have seen the same individuals getting jealous over the half bae in their life (if he/she ain’t yours totally she/he is a half) with time . I have seen the same individuals with stress levels on 200 after the half bae doesn’t text, call or come visit or appears to be drifting away.Well here is the piece of advice I got for all you in situationships.

When you decide to be a side bae and knowingly get into a situationship STAY IN YOUR FLIPPING LANE.

dangerous affarirs

It’s that simple Husain Bolt starts the 100m in track 4 and thats where he ought to remain till the race ends so do take some notes.

Having a side bae is a massive responsibility. Side baes are people with feelings and emotions, and you have to be extremely careful with what you say and how you act. You have to care without loving, but you can never be cruel. You can never lead them on and make them think they stand a chance with you unless you actually plan on promoting them to main bae.

It is plain simple there is someone else who holds a special place in your half bae’s heart hence you are the side dish not the main dish. You are like the sauce or dip and the main is like the fries.You are not the main dish nor the only one so please act accordingly.If you get this right then it sure wont be stressing.

The moment you introduce your side bae to the crew then my oh my we got a problem if not problems. Why are you bringing everyone into your lovely mess? Sidebae is going to befriend the crew next thing when things go wrong the crew has to be there to help you sort things out or to make sure you don’t get caught.

Do not ever be connected with your side bae on any social media plartfoms. This leads to stalker tendencies and God knows where it will all end. The moment you start doing the above mentioned  then paradise is  over for you and its the series premiere of ”Dangerous affairs”.

Should I go on to the conjugal rights part worse when there are no gloves being worn. I stop and shake my head and ask ”what really are you trying to do”.We’ve all heard the stories of side chicks turn baby mama all because some people got carried away. You do not ask your side bae their where abouts like I said they are simply a half bae so why are you expecting full attention.

Never and I repeat never ever try to find out where your situationship is headed because the fact that you are even asking is clear indication that ya”ll ain’t going anywhere. Sweetie you caught the bus on its final stop so it’s either going to just stop there or its going back where it came from.

The moment you start asking the above question then it’s a mess no longer lovely. Then the stalking starts, the jealousy goes way above aboard, the questions about the main bae are frequent, you are even in for an emotional rollercoaster.There are men who are always talk about divorcing their wives or leaving their girlfriends and you hold on to those words. What I know is another woman’s man or woman will never be yours, or maybe they can be but just for the few minutes or hours they are in your presence.

You have to maintain the boundaries keeping in mind that the moments shared is all there will ever be and once they are over back to normal. Keep in mind you are the dip or sauce and the fries are much more important.You honestly don’t compete where you don’t compare.

So do not be a dip or sauce trying to maintain fries status.Everyone has their own lane, maintain yours ..there is less traffic and no speed limit.






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