Oh Don’t Break That Hymen

So growing up the in the church being the pastor’s child I have seen and known criticism and condemnation at its best. And the society apparently thinks that they have this blue print laid out and whoever doesn’t live according to it is a lost cause.

I have talked to so many single (unmarried)  ladies who after all the condemnation from church and society feel like losing their virginity was the worst thing they did and there ain’t no hope for Israel anymore . But then I say HOLDUP!!!! I am sure there is more to life than regret over the breaking of the hymen code.

So yes I lost my virginity to someone’s son, I never got married to him and is probably married to someone else now. So am I less a woman, are my moral values any less than the virgin girl next door.  Since when has virginity been the measure of a woman’s worth. If a virgin is worth so much more how about daughters are just born into this world and keep their virginity and only live for the mere purpose of getting married a virgin nothing more nothing less.

The God I worship is not a condemner but it is hilarious or rather ridiculous how the creatures he put on this earth put it on themselves to play judge and executor.  Where the non-virgin is no longer worthy for love, marriage or ministry in the house of the Lord? The moment the church preaches or focuses only on not having sex and simply portraying those who have been practicing it as the world’s worst sinners then there’s a problem.

When families of most sons want a virgin for a daughter in-law and you wonder if they have ever asked their sons how many girls’ hymen codes did they munch on. Ok so I am not saying go on have a party and lose your virginity or go on have so much sex because what the hell you are not a virgin anymore. I am simply saying society and church relax and give non-virgins a break.

What’s sad about this whole thing is that a guy can have so many sexual partners but he dare stands to brag and demand that he will only marry a virgin. If you are one then how about you take several seats and relax Nhaika why ask for more than you can offer?

All I just want to say is, ladies even after losing your virginity life truly goes on. Ohh so you regret doing it, it left you feeling empty, the church and society have condemned you, fine. Now get up and take control of your sexuality and your life too. You are worth much more than a mucous membrane and the world awaits. Go on fix your relationship with your heavenly Father, confess and then make your own decision to continue sinning against God and your own body.

Celibacy is hard but not impossible. You will realize that the moment you remove sex from the equation your view of things is not misty or fuzzy but rather clear. You will not simply stay in a relationship just because of the physical attractions but everything beyond the bodies and the beauty. Take control of your life and even if they preach and make you feel like you are not worthy before God or society or you are not a worthy future wife then tell them to shove their thoughts and ideas mmmmm wherever they want.

What’s important is what the one who created you thinks of you worthy. Go on get on with that hustle, attain all that education, dress, walk, talk and carry yourself like royalty  because you are such. Do not worry about dating and people’s ideas when the one God destined for you will come along your past will be the last thing they will be worried about.

They are rather worried about building a relationship where God is the centre of it all and hold your hand as you take on the world. If he or his family simply put your worth on a mucous membrane then allow them to find the door, search for virgin territory and you keep queening for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

If your son is a virgin then maybe you have a right to wish he marries one. If you are not a virgin don’t go about bashing non virgin females you can’t demand what you can’t give. If you are preaching about fornication don’t you dare condemn non virgins unless you are God because he is my God too. Society; relax will you, my life is too short to live according to your blue print it is my past and won’t let your views tell me my worth. It happened and you lost your virginity but life didn’t stop and it sure won’t stop. So go on Wake, Pray, Work, Slay and repeat everyday.

Virgin girl or not we are all beautiful and worthy in God’s eyes. If you think otherwise phuma kim Satan.IMG-20171116-WA0004


4 thoughts on “Oh Don’t Break That Hymen

  1. This is so true the way society makes virginity the yardstick of excellence is somehow myopic. There is life after virginity, not trying to condone anything per se but really there is a future for these girls.


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