2k17 Shelved: Here’s To Another One

As I was counting down to midnight 2018 , I was looking at how my God has been gracious throughout the year. It had been such an emotional roller coaster and gosh did I cry through the year. It was the year I quit my job and still hoping for new and even challenging endeavours. I had so much family drama to the point where I just could not even think anymore.

But you know what let us just scratch the above paragraph and look at how gracious my God has been. I have lost a few people throughout the year. There were days when I was remembering all the people I had also lost in the previous year. I realised of my siblings and my parents my neices and my nephews we were all in one piece as we had started. So many had started off the year but they never got to make it to the last round.

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Despite all the challenges met in 2017 it is well with my soul. I am looking foward to new challenges, meeting new people and God doing just what he knows best ie ”having my back”. I really don’t know what the year holds but gosh am I excited about it. So I got my plans and goals all laid out and all I ask is for God to guide me through the very end.

For the relationships broken and love lost some could be mended but for some it could have been for the best. I am awaiting the challenges and all the great stuff the year has to offer. So as people got in to the new year some were mentioning how they are leaving some other friends and habits behind. We all have these things set but somehow as the year progresses we lose the plot.

Whatever goals or plans set for the year don’t just talk about them. Pray about it and focus till day 365. Do away with the negative vibes and all the people who are not all about good vibes . Leave the mistakes and pain of 2k17 behind and work on something new. With God at the centre of it all here’s to another good one. Wake ,pray, work and slay till the end.

Hapana chinouya chega wakagara.


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