10 Things I Wish Harare Men Would Stop Doing

So I wrote “Harare men” but I know there are men who do the same in different cities . The problem is I have the worst experience with these Sunshine city men and boys. Every single day nomatter the setting there is always that one guy who is itching for my slap but I am a composed woman hence decided to write about it.

There are so many things I just wish you stop doing but I narrowed them to just ten. Not all of the men are guilty of  the below mentioned but some just need help.


1.When a  woman walks by wherever you are standing, do not try grab her hand to say hello. She will say hello if she wants and if she doesn’t it’s still OK. It’s a free country but not as free as to antagonize other people.

2. Stop making roads like Jason Moyo, Angwa and Speke routes to avoid. As you are on your day to day hustle the guys on the ex Ximex mall, opposite Joina, Zimpost and Chicken slice Speke just stick to it. Stop shouting profanities or commenting women’s bodies after all hazvisirizvo zvamamukira.

3. Not every woman in the club is a whore, or looking for someone to buy her a drink. How about we all have fun,listen to the music in the club and drink what our money can afford us. If you are looking for a dance partner or someone to buy drinks then how about you bring a date to the club.

You would make me think your game ain’t that strong you couldn’t even manage to convince the females in your circle to go out with you,saka waurikuda kupedzera shungu ndiani?

3. Stop this whole business of going out looking like you chilling at home with the boys. Gosh I have been to a few joints where the women are super on point but a majority of the fellaz look like vatikutonotema huni havo.

We respect you fellaz just dress up for that night out. Ndatenda.

4. Still on that dressing tip.This whole idea of tight pants which don’t get to the ankle and those shiny shoes with no laces ain’t for the whole male race.So how about you wear things not because they are trending but because they actually are for your body type.

Not every male can rock tight pants ask the fashion popo.

5. We know you are out on your hustle and all because of the situation in the country. Don’t go about saying to our brothers who have 8-5 jobs “ndakaramba kushandira munhu”. When you have been on your hustles for the longest time asi chabuda hapana.

“Focus on making it your way not criticising how the other brother has made it.”

6. Quit the cheesy pick up lines. These women have either heard them before or read them in a magazine. You have roughly sixty seconds to convince a woman to continue with the conversation. So just go straight to the point and make it count.

7. If you are married tell her and  if you have a girlfriend tell her and allow her to make that mental decision to be with you by herself. I have seen some women who had no idea they were a side dish being grilled by the main dish and it wasn’t even pretty.

Veduwe STOP IT!!!!!

8. Stop this business of wanting to prove relevant by telling us who you know. The point is what do you do not who do you know. We do not really care you were with “your guy” in Dubai at a yacht party. It really doesn’t mean anything our lives go on.

9. Stop this whole “scratch my back I will scratch yours business”. If there is no vacancy I will try elsewhere, if there is then I will get it on merit. Those in power do not abuse your positions.

10. If you don’t like what a woman is wearing look away. And don’t display your stupidity by shouting “ndosaka vachirappwer”.You are embarassimg the men universe and your whole clan even the late.

These are my thoughts and no one else’s. Please share in the comments what you wish men in the world would stop doing.


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