Pineapple Gets Married : #MillenialMakhoti

Well it has been a while since I had written anything. So why not start with sharing with you when my girl Pineapple got married.Love is indeed a beautiful thing.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing. I don’t know about the one who finds a Scotchroyalty

But for Pineapple it seems indeed she who finds a husband also findeth a good thing. I have known Pineapple and Taku since they were still boyfriend and girlfriend.

Pineapple and Hubby Taku Photo Cred:RoguePixels


The day Taku popped the question, I can’t even start to describe my excitement. I was doing my happy dance the whole time I was on the phone with Pineapple.

So this meant that they were both committed and wanted a fruitful relationship . When Taku said he wanted to bring the cows home then I realised  it  was getting real.Date was set and being the millenials we were already thinking of outfits to wear for the “lobola ceremony“.

Photo Credit : RoguePixels

When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want to start the rest of your life as soon as possible.

I had two questions for the couple. Because it is a lifetime decision,  how did you know this was it?

“When I saw how she ticked the positive boxes of my life. She adds value in every aspect of my life.” Taku

“It definitely wasn’t a love at first sight thing. Taku has seen me at my absolute worst, we’ve been through the most and we are still standing… But what made me know he was the one was the fact that he never switched up on me. When I thought he would drop the ball or change how he treated me he didn’t. He had remained consistent and I know we can make it through anything.” Pineapple

With the divorce rates super high and people cheating everyday I get worried. Rather I am terrified as I am constantly wondering if I would be able to survive the marriage union. I had to ask Taku and Pineapple if they were ready for the commitment.

“I was ready, I think its when I knew that the way I felt was more a decision than an emotion. The emotions are fire, but love is a constant decision.” Taku


“All I can say is sometimes you’re not ready to even face the day… you wake up late, or things just go left. So imagine a life long commitment. Marriage is something you work on everyday, I don’t think anyone is ever really ready for anything.” Pineapple 

I honestly do not know where us millenials get our inspiration from.  But all I can say is whoever started with these “lobola outfits” akanyanya.

The millenial Makhoti and her entourage had their  brows on fleek and outfits looking sleek. Drove to the uncle’s place reminding Pineapple that she is  finally out of the singletons club.

The day the cows came home, vakwasha were an hour late. I could see Pineapple’s frustration as the uncles were asking if vakwasha  knew what time they had to be here.

As the proceedings started I just had to check on Taku and see if he wasn’t feeling like turning back. The nerves were having the best of him.As all he knew  was what the negotiators in the room with the uncles were telling him.

Piece of advice to all the guys out there who want to get married in Africa, make sure you have the best negotiators.  The inlaws will pull an unexpected card on you and it won’t be funny.

Fast foward ,  negotiations done , pictures taken and food eaten. It was all done and nerves gone and we were celebrating. My highlight of Pineapple’s lobola ceremony was how the Lord had been gracious.

Photo Credit: RoguePixels

Present was her great grandmother, her grandmother, her mother who she hadn’t seen for over a decade and us the millenials.

We held hands as friends and gave thanks to the Almighty for the days blessings. Gosh weren’t we all mushy seeing our girl doing the right thing.

Congratulations Taku and Pineapple.

Watch out for part two of Pineapple Gets Married, when the government gets involved.







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