Pineapple Gets Married II : When The Government Gets Involved

So after the cows came home there was one thing left to make it official. Pineapple and Taku had to get the government involved.

And yours truly had the honour of being a witness to the signing of the marriage certificate. Just so you know I put my best signature on that paper.

The real act of marriage takes place in the heart,not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It’s a choice you make. Not just on your wedding day, but over and over again and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your wife or husband. Barbra De Angelis

I have never been to a court wedding before so the process was a whole new experience for me.Some even had proper wedding dresses on.

We got to magistrates court  in the capital at 7. Apparently they only solemnise weddings between 7-9 am. We were directed to were we should sit with the couple in the middle and the witnesses at the end.

They then gave the couple the certificate so they could check if the details entered were correct. I wasn’t surprised as there was a mistake with Pineapple’s surname.

Many people always write her surname wrong. Taku and Pineapple  went to one of the offices to get the error rectified. After that was fixed they could say I do.

A dreadlocked magistrate came in and gave the couples a heads up of the type of marriage they were getting into i.e Chapter 5:11 formerly known as Chapter 37.

So with this type of marriage both parties involved are not allowed more than one partner. Cheating on your partner in this type of marriage gets you up to a year in jail.

I didn’t know you can also sue your partner’s side dish for damages.Thanks to the dreadlocked magistrate I know all these things lol.

After all was said and done then it was down to business.  The magistrate goes to each couple one by one. They say I do ,their vows and put the rings on if they have some.

Everything is sealed with a kiss and with four signatures on a piece of paper Taku and Pineapple were legally married.

So just in case you want to get married too.Just know that if you are in Zimbabwe it takes fifteen dollars,two passport sized photos and two willing parties to get married.

It has been amazing being a part of the customary union and legal union procedures.  Above all it has been lovely celebrating love.Once again , congratulations Pineapple and Taku.


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