Conversations With The Gods: She Found Her Voice

In a society where a woman’s actions are deemed wrong before she is even handed the syllabus one girl just had to make her voice heard through written words.
Titled Conversations With The Gods,Bulawayo based Tsakani Sanelisiwe Muyambo launched her first book at a classy and intimate blue tie event at Dè javu restaurant in the city of Kings and Queens.

Tsonga Mukololo as she is also known on social media  potrays the voice of the voiceless in most of the poems in the collection. Tackling so many social issues that have gone unquestioned over the years. Her choice of diction and topics could simply be put in one adjective-“Unapologetic”.

Her unapologetic attitude is also potrayed in her book cover. Where the author has her torso naked only covered by her hand.Asked “What inspired the book, the bubbly Venda princess had a mouthful to share.

” I went through a dark time in my life when a lot of things were not going my way, I contemplated suicide on a daily basis until I picked up the pen to put my emotions on paper as a way of healing in a therapeutic manner. I studied psychology so keeping a diary is one of the things we recommend during counseling sessions and I decided to do it in a way that wouldn’t just help me but anyone else who had or will find themselves in the position I was. Thankfully, God sent someone who read the diary before it became a manuscript and he became my next chapter where I looked forward to waking up each morning and Praise the Lord for blessing me with the gift of life and him.” Tsonga Mukololo

So what seemed to be a suicide note turned out to be therapy and a gift for someone out there who is trying to find their path after disappointment and in a judgemental society.

Born in a family of two, Tsonga Mukololo attributes her inspiration from her father  G.Muyambo who is also a published author. Her mother being the one who edited her father’s book and her book, it’s evident it runs in the family.Her mother mentioned  that when she was handed the manuscript as a mother she got worried because it translated into a suicide later.

With the title of the book, Conversations with the Gods one is prone to have questions before they indulge in the amazing work of art. Tsonga Mukololo just had to break it down and explain why that particular title.

 “It’s a poetic memoir dedicated to women which also explains the birth of Hip-hop music, in Hip-hop music the best lyricists are called Gods/Kings but my book is looking at 4 ladies in the hip hop industry hence Gods and not kings cause it wouldn’t make sense to anyone who has a full understanding and appreciation of the genre. There is one God, who I grew up worshipping and still do, but this is art, after reading the book then I don’t think one  would still have to ask that question, for art if done well,requires no explanation for it explains itself and I believe that is what we did.” Tsonga Mukololo

Mrs Ngulube the guest of honor in her speech said,

” We need to have this book translated into our indigenous languages because there are so many women who have gone through the issues tackled in her book.To us the married people I hope this book will take us into an early winter and correct what we have been doing wrong”

Mmmmm now you have to read the book to find out what could possibly be sending the elders of our generation into an early winter . Present as a guest of honour was Mrs Maphosa Tsonga Mukololo’s a level teacher who gave her an eight for her literature exercise but look at her now.

The author performed two pieces from her book back to back with AmySpitsFire and I must say the talent we have in Zimbabwe when it comes to poetry is yet to be exploited.

So here is to strong women may we raise them , protect them and be them and to many stories being told to the world by amazing women.

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