I Honestly Hate Church Now

They preach one thing and do the other .A matter of simply reading what is written in the old book but not even making sense of it.

They say “he will wash your sins which are red as scarlet transitioning to being white as snow”. But when one comes to church, they have new hashtags for you and something g to talk about on their way home.

So hold up, because you have been here before me makes you a panelist, judging wether I will be called to the good side when the trumpet blows or not.

Instead of what it has to be, anyone searching for repetence is welcomed with judgemental stares and whispers of your past life. Making you not want to ever come back again.

A place where the usher is the sidechick to the pastor who has his wife singing before he preaches the sermon with his charismatic persona.

A place where even wife bashers brag about how they love their woman who has her bruises covered up with concealer. Wearing an ear to ear grin just to sell the idea of a perfect marriage. “God hates divorce” they say, so maybe he loves pain.

Where people young and old revere the priest but have no ounce of respect for their own parents.

Parents splashing dollar bills during offering while the child’s tummy rumbles with hunger. Where the guys who smell of last night’s expensive whisky stick together in a clique  so the next guy won’t tell they are not as perfect as they potray.

A christian man is a good man whether he is in church or not.

Where the priests, prophets and pastors have bodyguards and you would swear when they walk in its the world’s most hated  dictator arriving for a summit. Are you afraid one of the congregates is wearing a suicide bomb?

Where the congregates are forever defending their “men and women of God” making you wonder what exactly have these people put their faith in.

Where the church elders want to hook you up with the guy who just got some paper , or the pastor’s daughter for their own  prestige.

Where the youth are more afraid of being caught on the wrong side of church doctrine than God’s laws.

Where there are more talks on the cars and the glam with people standing and screaming in support . But no screams or acknowledgement when  the sermon is about leaving sin or the end of the world.

Where those in it criticize the world, ignorant of the fact that they have brought it to church already.

Where the caste system seems to be even worse than in India. You can tell between “the haves” and the “have nots”.

The church is rather a dream seller barely equipping it’s members with the tips to overcome the realities of life.

It has become a place where any challenge or questioning of the bible or the doctrines gets you all sorts of labels. “Spiritual rebels , back sliders” yet one is simply seeking understanding. With the modern churches one could swear ” ignorance is bliss ” is the eleventh commandment.

Some have become like political organisations where there is scheming and a fight for power now we can’t tell the difference.


The church is not a select circle of the immaculate, but a home where the outcasts may come in.


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