So Where Are You Now?

If a man knows not which port he wants to sail, no wind is favourable.

As we shelved 2k17 and started the new year a bunch of us were greatly motivated. We had all the resolutions and goals for the year. We are halfway through the year now , So where are you now?

It’s funny how some of us are now drained and the motivation we had in January seems to have vanished in February. There are many reasons to this but we can still push for goal attainment till we shelf 2k18.

For some of us we tried the weight loss, saving money, starting or expanding a business project. There were some glitches along the way till we were just done.

But hey no one ever said it would be easy so embrace the bumps on the road till you get there. So what you first need to do is recap the goals , hopefully they were written somewhere. Remember if you stop or quit, no one is ever going to restart it for you. It’s your dream or goal after all.

We all hold the pens required to write our names in the hallways of success but not everyone is willing to hustle for the ink.
Gayton McKenzie

So you might have deviated from your goals and the resolution you had as the year began. I have good news hey the year hasn’t ended and you are not dead yet.

Do away with whatever had distracted you before and get back on the hustle. You better have strong will power and self discipline to help you focus on your goals and stick with it.

Like I mentioned above let not the bumps, failures and nay sayers distract you.Go on, even if there are obstacles on the way or you see no progress. Those who persevere succeed.

Silence is power. Do not talk too much on what you want to achieve. Concentrate on doing, not on talking.

Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is that you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed. 
Paulo Coelho

An accountability partner could also help as you have someone asking you for results , than when you just answer to yourself. Do reward yourself when you achieve something great or small in the remaining period till we shelve the year.

You are not in a competition with anyone please remember that each day. So for the remaining part of the year if you had an unrealistically long goal list then narrow it down so you can complete it than having some goals taking time of the other.

Lastly while at it just enjoy life and tell yourself each day that you are so going to make the best of the remaining months of the year as far as goal achievement is concerned.  If you think it and say it then you are it.

Here is to all the goal getters and goal diggers who are stopping at nothing to make it in this life.#JourneyToTheTop




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