Day 2: 10 Things I Love About My Africa

So I decided to take on the Afro  Bloggers Blogtember Challenge:My Africa My Words. To me it is all about telling the African story the African way. The good, the amazing and even the ugly stories that oftenly go untold.

I am a young African lady born and living in the amazing Southern African state “dzimba dzemabwe” (house of stones) Zimbabwe.  Despite the picture painted by the international media of so much war and pain and kids with fat bellies from malnutrition there is so much to love about my Africa.

1. My Heritage
The traditions passed on to us by our ancestors are nothing short of awesome and interesting. From the monuments, objects and cultural practices. Despite the digital age and globalisation I am proud to say many African tribes have maintained and preserved their traditions and even their religion

2. The traditional outfits
My favourite being the Venda ones from Zimbabwe and South Africa  I must say if I could buy all the traditional outfits of every African tribe I would be set for life. With their vibrant colours most of the outfits are accessorised with beading.


3. The music
If ever there is a music genre which just  tickles my groove bone it’s everything African. From Afro-pop, Rhumba, House and the new baby Gqom I always have my play list 85% Afro and trust me it takes me through any day. It’s also rich in meaning

4. The Amazing People
From the  light skinned, to the ones with the melanin popping severely Africans are just a warm  people. Visit any foreign land and meet a fellow African then you got yourself a buddy to grab with that Buddweiser.

5. The hair
So just to put it out there no one can rock a Fro or dreadlocks like an African. Our hair just does the things that other hair types just can’t.

Proudly rocking my own crown

6. The women
From the curvy ones, to the slender ones with the melanin popping severely and minds out to run the world. African women are just a beautiful lot and know sure how to hustle because a lot of them know how it is to wake up and know you ought to work if you got to eat. So rock your pretty girl swag with those hips and secure the bag.

7. The Food
I think if ever I will move to another continent, this is the one thing I will miss and will make me nostalgic everytime I grab some sushi.LOL. African food is diverse from the sweet and spicy and the so hot and chilly but it is all to die for.



Photo from ZimboKitchen

8. The  traditional ceremonies
These are epic and most of them show how we sure know how to turn up despite the generation gaps and all that wahala.These are usually also so colourful  due to the food and the outfits.

9. The family setup
I just love how Africans have an appreciation of the extended family and have few in the nursing homes (no offense). But we value the older generation and are always eager to learn as they dish out from the pot of wisdom and help keep the family together.

10. The amazing destinations
Africa is super rich with beautiful landscapes and holiday destinations. Like the magnificent Victoria Falls, The Table mountains, Lake Malawi, Mount Kilimanjaro and the Pyramids of Egypt. No wonder Wakanda is said to be in Africa.So if you haven’t been to Africa then you haven’t started living yet.

The majestic Victoria Falls Photo Credit : eBusiness Weekly 

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