Day 3:Bringing The Cows Home : How To Get An African bride

So I failed to publish  my Day 3 post because I ran out of data before I could post it. But it’s better late than never ,so here’s my Day 3  post and will post Day 4 later.

I have seen a hundred movies whereby the guy just pops the question on one knee and the girl is all teary and says “yes, I will marry you”. In a couple weeks wedding preparations are on full speed and a white wedding is on the way.

Well in my culture a white wedding is rather not our tradition but so many people claim it’s the norm.  So let me give you a scenario of how you can get an African bride particularly in Zimbabwe among the Shona tribe.

So after a while of dating (however long) the lady and the gentleman involved are to meet the families. This is where they meet the Aunts (fathers sister) in particular. Introducing your partner and for the guy it’s also about making your intention known.

If your intentions are to marry that particular girl (you can never be sure with the millenials), then the Aunt known as Tete in shona will then convey the message to the Father’s and uncles of the girl.

These will then set a date for the payment of the bride price,lobola or roora.Once a date has been set then preparation begins.Before the guy and his entourage come they should have bought certain necessities ranging from food to the clothes of his future wife’s parents.

As the day of the roora negotiations start, there has to be a go between known as munyai. To all the men yet to be married when you choose the guy for this role please ask your ancestors carefully because  he will determine whether you will leave your darling’s house broke or something else.

When the munyai gets to the future wife’s home , he has to say they are looking for sadza  (something I find hilarious) and mention the girl they are after. The girl has to acknowledge she knows them, then the vakwasha entourage now have to make it rain.

The nitty gritties are quite a lot ranging from ndiro  (the girl’s family charging for the plate or whatever utensil the money will be put. Vhuramuromo  (you don’t just talk to the inlaws you got to pay LOL).

There are gifts to be given to the parents of the girl and also the groceries from the list previously given.There is also money that the girl has to collect from the plate with the money.

Then comes down to the real business of the day tagged “Rusambo” which is considered as the most important part of the process. Traditionally if this amount is not fully paid it would be troublesome to get the bride.

After all is said and done the cows ought to come home. These can be
equated to money but the one which is paid as appreciation to the mother has to be a beast on its hooves. If the roora ceremony is in the city the sons in law have to see to it that it gets to the mother’s rural homestead.

After going through this process then you can safely say you got yourself a wife. These customary marriages are also regarded as valid in a court of law. But they will surely set you back ©a couple of thousands. With the current cash crisis in the country bank transfers and ecocash or crypto currency have been used as mode of payment.

©Scotch_royalty 👑


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