Day 4:Born Free

uGogo has a bullet scar on her leg
uKhulu died always telling the story of how he had been imprisoned uncountable times
My Father still has a vivid experience of having a curfew and being in a keep where you are given rules like you are not oppressed already
Amai (mother) narrates how she had to be separated from her parents as they all had to go and work in the suburbs as cooks and maids in the white man’s home

Nehanda and Kaguvi who were said to be spirit mediums and played a vital role in Zimbabwe’s independence Photo Credit : Bulawayo 24


While they wiped the white baby’s  bottom, their own kids where struggling living in fear of what was to come the next day.
Hundreds of thousands had their childhood snapped away from them as some had to be messengers helping the freedom fighters
Some had to hold the guns themselves
Born into captivity, all many knew was chains and a master

The tomb of the unknown soldier at the Zimbabwe National Heroes Acre Photo From

“To deny people their human rights is to deny their very humanity.” Nelson Mandela

No wonder former president Robert  Gabriel Mugabe had an  unapologetic  attitude. His words and statements though controversial always put emphasis on the bloodshed and the war fought for Zimbabwean independence.

We have fought for our land, we have fought for our sovereignty, small as we are we have won our independence and we are prepared to shed our blood … So, Blair keep your England, and let me keep my Zimbabwe.” – R.G Mugabe Earth Summit, South Africa, 2002

Image from Armaly

I do not know how it feels to be restricted to walk in certain parts of the city
I move around from city to city neighbourhood to neighbourhood without a pass just my mode of transport
I live in an independent state where black, white, orange and green are all free and all equal


So as I am born free I am truly grateful to the galant sons and daughters of Africa
Who took Africa by force so the generations of today do not have to fight another oppressor
I am grateful to all the frail sons and daughters of Africa who now narrate their stories of their fight for freedom so we learn to value not having to fight for freedom but  we are born free
So as I wake up in the morning and  the rays of the sun goddess kiss my cheeks , I let it sink in and my lips broaden in to a goofy smile
I stand in front of the mirror and my oh my is it a masterpiece in front of me
Pretty brown eyes and a yummy chocolate skin
The melanin  dripping severely and I feel nothing but pride
I am born free



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