I Didn’t Even Know

I didn’t even know I was beautiful
Till I looked at the girl in the mirror, everytime the sun rose over the horizon
I told her she was BEAUTIFUL and she believed it.
She realised she had her own kind of magic
She carried herself as such and believed that a day at a time she could conquer the world.

I didn’t know life could be so easy
Till I realised that we have a limited number of cares to give so I simply changed my values
I realised that at the end of it all after birth and all the success and failures, we all are going to die
I promised myself I will be kind, respect all and make sure I leave my mark in this world. A legacy to be remembered by

I didn’t even know true love exists till the day I met a man who said he loved me flaws, blemishes , buggage and all
Who even after messing up always hugs me and says , “It’s okay baby I got you ”
In the shadow of his wings there’s no judgement nor condemnation just pure love
A love that never changes
The iPhones change periodically, the applications constantly need updating but my saviour’s love is the same yesterday, today and forever.

I  didn’t know the value of friendship and family  , till I realised I couldn’t go through this journey called life  on my own.
The way I always want to share the good news the way I just need someone to hug me when I cry.
Truly no woman is an island, if I choose to be one I want to be close to other islands so I can swim over when it gets lonely

I didn’t know so many things and I still don’t know a lot of things
It’s not all bad hey, life also has chocolates and roses and marshmallows and milkshakes. It’s still okay not to know everything.
The one who knows everything can never learn anything
It’s okay to be a work in progress and a masterpiece all at once
After all I am just a small town girl trying to make it in this big world and I have only been around for two decades
It’s okay not to be okay but just remember that after a bad day the sun will rise tomorrow and it’s all up to you to either make it work or sulk forever


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