If I Was Your Man

If I was your man, I would call you in the morning  to check if my smile keeper slept well
I would wish you have a lovely day and blow kisses your way through the phone
I will call in the middle of the day just to tell say “hey, baby I love you”
I  will buy you your favourite milkshake or icecream and bring it to you
Take you out on that dinner date to that fancy restaurant
Laugh at some of the things we can’t even pronounce on the menu
If I was your man , I would be right in your corner every single time without pom poms of course but I will be cheering you on as you are succeeding and winning at this thing called life

I left my momma ‘s womb a one man band so I am probably going to get tired of it
I am probably going to get tired of waking up and having to call to check on you
How about I just pop the question and do right by your family
Bring the cows and have ana tete singing “muroora tauya naye nemagumbeze” or “u makhoti ngowethu”
Then I get to say how much I love you before God and family and friends

If I was your man I would tell you, you are beautiful each and every day
Look you in the eye and tell you that indeed I actually made the right choice
If I was your one and only I would hurt you a couple of times knowingly and sometimes unknowingly
I won’t text you and tell you “I will make up for it”
I will say I am sorry each time I do you wrong and sometimes yes just for progress sake
I will let you scream (but not for more than 10 minutes) at me
But still accept your apology later on
I will definitely walk out when you make me angry and come back to give you a piece of my mind when the steam in my head is gone.

If I was your man I would hold you close , bring my head to kiss you deeply hoping to send shivers down your spine
Run my hands through your hair Brazilian or whatever
Trust me this I would do even in front of the whole world just to let them know I hit the jackpot this time around
I know you have a past , I know you have insecurities and maybe exes
I will be nothing but good and kind to you my aim being you trip and fall in love with me more each day
Flaws and all I will be there , not have us live a fairytale but write our own love story
If I was your man I will have you in my prayer everyday because you are my double blessing and I am grateful to the creator for bringing you my way

If I was your man I wouldn’t want anyone else to have your heart,  to kiss  your lips , or be in your arms because that’s only my place..


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