The Lessons Kids Taught Me

Awwwww my goodness she/he looks so adorable and innocent”..
These are some of the remarks parents get when people see their children. Being Daddy’s little girl and a book worm I had so many adults around me.

Sometimes  the most random things can teach us lessons we didn’t think we need to know.

The kids I got to interact with were from school and Sunday school. I remember certain incidents that left a mark till this very day. Now that I am old (ok not granny old) but I am considered an adult, and with my few years  as a Sunday school teacher and an aunt I have learnt a thing or two from these innocent, or not so innocent beings called kids.

Sunday school was over and we were waiting for the adults service to finish.I saw three little girls laughing at the other girl who couldn’t speak English fluently. I saw her hurt face as the mocking continued and she wiped her face and ran to me.

There was a young boy sitting with me who said to me “but we sre just coming from sunday school. And he said to the young girl “ungakhali” meaning don’t cry. I learnt that the world is not a cold place, it just has some bad and mean individuals you just choose the ones to focus on.


Whatever it is that you aspire to become you better start acting as such. There was a young boy named Ashley who when I was in high school was still in primary school. The young fella who wanted to be a doctor would always act as if he was coming from the hospital and it had been a busy day. He always mentioned how despite the challenges had a successful surgery. Mind you he was just a mere school boy.

Lungani Zwangobani put it perfectly in one of his books.

“If you are a doctor, you are as much a doctor in third grade as you are a doctor at your operating table.That is how you are going to be remembered when an account of your life will be taken.”

I am a living testimony that the gift of having cheerleaders with poms poms screaming your name in your corner, goes a long way to help you dust yourself up,fix your crown and go on after you fall.

My parents have always supported me and believed in me. I have memories and cards written “Her Excellency ”  that I got for my birthdays and exams. As a child I then learnt to believe in myself that even when someone told me I wasn’t good enough I never believed it. If I had parents who didn’t believe in me I would not be here.

Life is a journey as much as it is also a process so don’t rush it. After a child is born they start teething, crawling , walking and talking. You can’t rush the process when it’s due time it will happen.

When a child is born, people will congratulate the parents  and also spread the news that you had a baby. Same people will talk about your baby when they grow up, start school , pass or fail. Most kids won’t get to hear what the adults are saying and most probably won’t care. So people will always talk be it you do good or bad you got to choose to listen or do you.

Lastly I must say I am in awe everytime I see confident kids. Trust me confidence just does the things. I have done plays with kids I have also attended plays and been in some as a kid. Even some of the kids who forgot their lines or mixed them up can get a standing ovation and the loudest applaud just because of their confidence.
“There is nothing as attractive as confidence on any human being. Wear it everyday”


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