To The Dad I Love, Loved and The Dad Who Left

Making babies is as easy as singing the ABC’s  but being a father/dad is not a job for the faint hearted. There are the amazing fathers who would give life itself to their children, there are those who would have loved to travel across the seas to make their children happy but fate decided otherwise.

There are those who just clucked and chickened out and their kids never got to share memories with them. There are those who choose to be there when they want to.

The love between father and child knows no distance..A dad gets to be a son’s first heroe and a daughters first love. So here are some random letters of what some children old and young would want to say to their  Dads or their children’s dads.

 Thank you Papistoe, I realize now that all the times I used to get mad at you when you were being strict you were simply protecting me from the evils of the world. Now I’m grown and I guess to face them on my own, but I’m not alone because all the life lessons you taught me are and will be forever be engraved in my soul, so it’s like you’re always there even if we’re miles apart. For your guidance, support and love I could never thank you enough. I love you always, your brief candle which never burns out..
Love Sane

Dear Dad
 I would want to tell you that l miss you dearly,l yearn for your love each day.May you rest in eternal peace..
Love your daughter

Dear Dad
  I see the Love of God in each and everything you do for me. I thank you for raising me to become a fearless, daring and adventurous woman!I am blessed to call you Dad.
Love Nyarie

 Lost my dad when i was 3yrs, growing up never knew what dad’s love is until i met the love of my life who gave me the best dad i had ever imagined in my life.
Dear  father in love you are best thing ever happened to me and i want to say thank you for standing by me in everything and for believing in me. Even without much education you are one person who always motivated me about getting an educationa and here i am in the last year of my degree. You  appreciated every good thing i did. Death robbed me of the father i thought i had found. I miss how we  would sit down the two of us talking life,advising me about marriage and a lot of other things.Thank you Dad for loving me as your own daughter.. I had the best 3 yrs of dad’s love and i agree i hooked the best father in law.You are always in my mind.May you keep on resting in peace!
Love , your daughter-in-love

Dear Baby Daddy
 Well for dads who are just not there it is not easy for a mother to raise a child single handedly .The hardest past is comforting a child when they want their other parent.You show up after a while and buy my baby’s love with goodies so that you seem cool to the her and many are times when the child actually prefers you. Yet I am out here doing my very best to put a roof over hwe head and food on the table. It’s a broken home most likely equates a broken child but that’s not what I want for my baby girl.
Love, your baby mama!

 Well mine is she not a he. A she stood inplace of my dad and did well in every aspect. I would like her to know that l got all l need when l got her and l, l am because she is and she will always be my superparent. A toast to my queen mother and humble giant.

Thank you for being you dad, even though we had our differences we were still the same person. Thank you for the lessons that only make sense now that I am a man. Every moment we had I replay and cherish more and more. I am who a I am because of you thank you and will love you always dad. Love, the son who misses you!

Hey dad, hope you are doing well, I don’t even know why am I even asking you that . Because  honestly the only good thing you did is you gave me life. Your traits came to me as well, being labelled a liar, dangerous, selfish, and what not. You were all that and sadly it had came to me to.At least I got out of it, but.. There was a big price to pay.Lost most important friends because of your traits, being taken advantage of by other people, stereotyped because I DIDN’T HAVE A FATHER. Society labelled my mom a weak woman.
You did all of that father, but also.. It made me stronger and more smarter, just like you. I don’t miss you at all.. But I wish that the All Mighty forgive your sins.. Thank you dad for making me the person I am today.Love ,Your Warrior Daughter.

Keep the letters to Dad coming in the comments section.



2 thoughts on “To The Dad I Love, Loved and The Dad Who Left

  1. Dear Dad , I thought about you today but that has never been new. It’s been years but the pain of losing u will never fade away but I have managed to move on. You were my love and you are still the one I love. My King, My Hero. I am grateful for the 13 years we spent together and for the good choice you made in marrying our Mother, for even in her loss she still put your kids 1st and made sure they had everything they need to come out right in life until she felt that we were all grown and capable of taking care ourselves, she then decided to join the love of her life . My prayer is that with you blessing from above may i find a man who can go to all length to protect and love me the way you did. A man who can fill the void that I have felt from the time I was 13. I Love you Dad continue to rest in peace and pass my regards to that lovely wife of yours.

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