A Letter To The First Lady

I don’t even know how exactly I feel about this particular letter but I just chose to write and publish it. I always make sure no matter how much my hand itches to pen anything political I stop it. For fear of stepping on different toes which might evoke certain reactions. But hear me out.

With this particular letter, I am writing it as a child who feels let down by the one meant to love and protect her even when the world is against her. Just in case you are wondering what this is all about, let me dig right in. During the period of the stay away tagged “Zimbabwe Shutdown” some women and girls were rapped by soldiers from the army.

We later had a black Wednesday hoping to send a message out to the pepetrators, the authorities and to also stand in solidarity with the survivors of these atrocities. That being said, my only question to you is Where are you?

Tom Giaquinto says , ” Making this world a better place happens one person at a time.You can not force your beliefs on anyone. Rather be the example that others can emulate .Live your life that others maybe inspired by your deeds and your words . That’s how change happens. “

As a woman ,a mother, a grandmother or sister I was expecting to hear you speak out against these atrocities and demand justice for the survivors. In your early days I saw you visit hospitals like an ordinary citizen, I saw you spending time with the less privileged and orphans and thought “nangu uMama“. Your visit to the women and girls rapped would have sent a message to the country and the world at large about the kind of person you are. But your sitting back has even said volumes.

Why are you so quiet about the issue? Are you not aware of the Shutdown Atrocities?  Or maybe there is something stopping you? I wish we could have a conversation and you tell me what went through your mind and if ever at one point you stopped to think if it was you or your child. These women were not just sisters, mothers, aunts or daughters. They are simply human beings whose rights were violated and whose protectors chose to hurt them. Maybe one day I will understand your silence and your choice to clean up the country while some families mourn and are picking up the pieces of what’s left of their wellbeing.

Humanity has more in common than  the  differences that separate us.

Troubled & Confused Citizen


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