The Joke Was On Me : Lorraine’s Story

What started of as a mere joke on her whatsapp status, ended as a nightmare for beautiful Lorraine Guyo. She says that she uploaded the video on her status which was meant for her contacts only for a few minutes and she removed it only to wake up to find that it had taken social media by storm the following day.

“Seeing my video all over social media didn’t really bother me because it was a joke , but when the videos of a naked girl alleged to be me surfaced that’s when I became stressed.It had gone viral and my reputation was tarnished and had to prove to people that I wasn’t the girl in the video.”

In this century were from noodles to messaging everything is instant, one can never be sure or certain of their security over the internet. Lorraine is one of the many victims who have had some content they shared on the web go viral and secondly have fake news about them being circulated  and shared without verification of it’s authenticity.

I remember also receiving her video and what followed were comments like “ane manudes” or “ko ane video ka”. In our judgemental society people were quick to judge while many others were bashing the one who sent the video unaware of the fact it wasn’t even Lorraine in the video.

Since the video went viral, she has since been suspended from her duties at her place of work as her employers saw it a fit decision. Luckily for her she has family and friends who have been supporting her through the whole ordeal.

She mentioned how it’s sad that even some of her close friends were distributing her pictures and giving out her number to people since the video went viral. Then you wonder if one is ever safe when it comes to the web.This was just the same time radio personality Miss Red’s picture went viral and memes stormed the  internet.

On people being safe on the web Lorraine had this to say; No one is safe on the internet and people really need to be careful. The  internet can be a blessing or a curse. I learnt the hard way and this has been the worst experience.We need to think about the stuff we share on social media and think about it’s damage.

Her only crime was sharing a joke of wanting a valentine date and next thing there was news of a nude video with a girl alleged to be her. As she and many other victims suffer from the generation and sharing of fake news the trend seems on the rise with no way of stopping the cyber bullying, trolling and shaming.

Whatever you do remember the web ain’t safe. Wishing Lorraine Guyo all the best and to everyone who has been trolled , shamed and had fake news generated and circulated it’s not about you but psychos who thrive on lies and the mission of destroying another person’s life but move on you got this.


2 thoughts on “The Joke Was On Me : Lorraine’s Story

  1. Unfortunately, I have no your contact number… Your joke wasn’t bad though, but your looks are just mwaaaaa…. Drop your number if possible please.


  2. If she has learnt something out of this is that she has predators as friends, the thing now is she can cull her list of ‘friends’. The less the better. I wish her the best, and I am sure she will overcome and become even better than she was. More power to you and Lorraine.


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