A Letter To The Friends I Lost

Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side. Our roots will always be tangled and I am glad for that.

Growing up I think I totally sucked at making friends. Friendly to everyone but with not so many friends. My parent’s job didn’t help either. At that point when I thought I had made friends, we would move and with less meet ups  we ended up not talking regularly and for some not talking at all. For some it wasn’t even about the distance but somehow we just grew apart.

Dear Old Friend

There are times I look at old pictures, I read old messages and sometimes I feel sad. Not because you hurt me or the other way round but simply because I lost you. I don’t  dwell on it too much because like they say, everyday is a lesson. I am glad we met, remember the memories and wish you nothing but the best.

After moving away I tried to keep the friendship going but then the distance just didn’t favour us. Over the years I missed you and decided that maybe we can talk. We did talk and even decided we should hang but that day never came. I later found out that you think I dated two of your men, the shock of my life. Since you didn’t tell or ask me about it I see the need to explain myself but simply let go. Maybe one day will talk about it.

You were almost my friend…

They say so many times we click because we have common interests or hobbies. We both loved sport, arts and just having a good time. I thought we were friends till I realised that there’s a difference between an acquaintance and a friend. I realised that I was asking for too much. I was asking you to do the things that friends do for each other on acquaintance tender. We grew out of the relationship but I am grateful we met and cherish the moments.

We were in different seasons
We all have goals but we run different races. I understand that with work, running a household and playing daughter in law you have your hands full. Because of being in different seasons so many times we  couldn’t do what we used to do and we grew apart till we could not get back to where we were. And that is totally understood.

Lately I have been making up this insane theory. When we start our lives we start with just one shade of colour. And each time the people I love leave they end up leaving a little bit of them in me. They turn into storms but they end up leaving me as a rainbow.

So what I am trying to say is thank you. For painting my little story book with so many beautiful chapters. One where I laughed so much, one in which I believed fairy tales were real,  one in which I got to be super crazy and goofy without having to hold back and went for my dreams.

One in which I realised that we all need each other . Also that in life we have the friends who are there for a reason , those who are there for a season and the ones for a lifetime.

Someone once told me that you can love someone forever. But that doesn’t have to be painful. That love doesn’t have to be an obstacle for the beautiful things that have come into your life.You can let go and part ways and life will still be beautiful.


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