DEPRESSION: The Enemy Of Our Generation

I lost two friends to suicide and one of them was suffering from depression. The other one I will probably get to know what was wrong with him in my second life. Correct me if I am wrong but depression has stolen so many people of my generation.

So many might not be dead but they are simply just there and not living. Depression has stolen them from the land of the living.  In a chat where we were talking about a young man who had committed suicide a colleague of mine shared with me her journey of fighting depression.

“Imagine three years of just functioning not living.” It  simply shows how we have got so many people suffering in this world. The more reason we ought to be kind. I always ask myself that is it the fact that depression is on the rise or maybe nowadays awareness has been raised and people get to talk to about mental health issues more.

The modern day generation has often been referred to as the “anxious generation”. They have grown up with the constant overflow of the internet and social media. Which unnecessarily puts pressure on the generation. People want to make more money, they want higher grades,they want to look prettier, skinnier.

People my generation have the world at their finger tips but also suffer from the immense weight it puts on their shoulders. Social media makes life fast paced and competitive. Add this to factors like unemployment , low income, broken relationships then one will realise the world just has so many issues.

Parents and guardians sometimes may not have time with their children due to long working hours. In the African society depression and many things related to mental health are oftenly shoved under the rug. Hence we have an anxious and depressed generation.

I contemplated suicide a million times and one day decided to just end my life. I was in that zone were I felt that I wanted it all to go away. My family never got to talk about it all people were focusing on was moving on and getting me enrolled in a new school.

The more we do not talk about it the less people are aware of mental health issues. The more we do not talk about it the more we are raising and living with a  damaged and depressed generation. The expectations from society and family may also be a triggering factor. Whatever they said or whatever you feel remember you are ENOUGH.
If you are reading this and there are so many days you say “I am ok ” when you are not.  If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning and just surviving the day. If you struggle with thoughts of taking your life as it feels like the only escape just breath.

Remember that there actually is someone out there who is willing to listen. Remember that it is okay to not be okay. There will always be bad days and good days but the idea is getting through one day and doing it again the next one. Let us learn to just be kind for we are all fighting different battles. Let us raise awareness on depression and mental health issues.

There are organisations like the friendship bench which deal with depression and are available at certain clinics in Zimbabwe.


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