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Growing Up A Pastor’s Child

There is a straightforward, blunt, in-your-face expectation that PKs will behave “better” than our peers. We will have inherently better judgment, avoid temptations common to our age and gender, express none of our baser thoughts or feelings, and generally reflect positively on our parents and their position. Which is total nonsense.


My Father has been a pastor for like two decades and my mom maybe some four or five years less. So one could then say I have been a Pastor’s kid most of my life. Growing up a PK is not all fame and judgement but experiences differ.

It took me some time to figure out that despite my parents being my parents they were also ordained priests and I also had to regard them as such. There were times when I went through what I believe as some of the worst parts of my life and they were there as parents and also as priests praying for me , with me and guiding me.

If I was to list what I love about being a PK and what I do not love about being a PK I know pretty well which list would be longer. This is because of how society treats the PK and also because of our own parents (sorry mom and dad but I love you😁).

I remember not seeing my parents at visiting weekend when I was in boarding school because they had gone to preach or where at some conference. I remember sometimes sleeping on the couch waiting for them to come home so we could talk.

I remember how they would know so much about certain kids but not me. I remember having a lady stop me in town to tell me what I was wearing (ripped denim pants) was inappropriate and I was a being a bad example to the rest of the young girls at church and society.

I remember and still experience how people’s faces change the moment they find out I am a PK. It’s like living your life super worried about wether whatever you do is acceptable coming from a PK. But life is pretty damn short to live according to society and the church’s blue print.

The worst thing for me is how people think that the pastor is the one who receives all the money from the congregation. Many people believe that the pastor and his family have the money at their disposal and can do whatsoever.

In my high school days I remember slapping some girl in the face after she called me “mwana wemundiro”. This translates to kids who survive on offerings.Maybe some pastors actually have direct access to the church’s funds but this has never been the case for my parents. What’s weird or rather something I will never understand is why people resort to talking about the pastor’s children rather than pray for them. If you were thinking about asking me why pastor’s kids are naughty or in the venecular ‘‘seyi vana vemafundisi musinganzwe” I am sorry i really can’t help you out on that one. I just think the alleged misbehavior is due to the attention to detail people give regarding our lives.

From my own experience I just think that people expect more than I can offer. I wish they would remind themselves that I ain’t no angel but a warm blooded creature. It’s hard living your life worried about what the next person would say but luckily for me I live on a limited budget of cares lol.

The other sad part of being a PK is how sometimes because of the biological connection with our parents , we miss certain things. Other people actually tend to benefit from them be it through counselling or prayers. We tend to look at our parents as just mom and dad and not the ordained priests they are.

So next time you see your pastor’s children look at them the same way you look at any other person from church. They are but human. Pray for them don’t just talk about them.

NB: The pastor (from my church who is my dad) has nothing to do with the treasury so I don’t live off church money. And yes I love God and I am born again

2 thoughts on “Growing Up A Pastor’s Child”

  1. Word Scotch this is true .i have a fobia of getting married to a pastor cz of the same reasons.nyc hairstyle imari yedu ye offering not being able to do things as an ordinary person.holidays u can’t wear ur shorts etc

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