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#HealingAugust :Of Letting Go and Being Okay

The truth is unless you let go,unless you forgive the situation ,unless you realise that the situation is over, you can not move foward.

If you want to fly in the sky, you need to leave the earth. If you want to move forward, you need to let go the past that drags you down.

Amy Ray

So many times we try to always see the good in people and we hold on to the memories, a hope of it getting better only hurting ourselves even more.

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One can tell when a relationship, be it a friendship or a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship or even a marriage is done. Sadly many of the human race try to rebuild form the broken bricks even when the foundation is gone.

I have always admired those people who have had childhood friends or high school sweethearts. I had to slap myself back into reality and accepted that it’s really not everyone’s portion. I have had to let go of friends who even with me just answering the phone , could tell I wasn’t okay. People who were more like my sisters.

I have had to let go of a relationship I feel I had invested my all in. I was settled and content that this was it (surprise surprise ). A few months before my relationship broke down, I could feel the distance and I questioned myself and the relationship more than I had ever done.

This was the man I felt I wanted to spend the rest of my crazy life with him. This is the guy who tolerated my opinionated and strong willed personality and I really didn’t want to have it any other way. Each time I went on my knees I would pray to the one above asking for his protection because I couldn’t see a me without him.

Sadly , he could picture a future without me. This I found out when he asked me for space and I knew what he meant was he needed space for him without me for good. As much as it hurt,I had to let go because I was in a tug of war. I was holding on to the blade and he was pulling the handle. The more I pulled the more I hurt.

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I realised that one really can be okay after letting go, but it can never be easy. I had to know that indeed this used to be the source of my happiness but I wasn’t what he needed and what we had was gone. I had to comfort myself each day and tell myself, the pain will get better and I will be okay.

They say fight for what you love, but that don’t work for everyone. I let go of the one relationship that everyone around me knew and the longest one I had ever had. And you know what it didn’t kill me and I am so okay. I realised I was so scared of the unknown, I was only wanting it to work that letting go seemed like it wasn’t an option.

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I lost friends who I would have given all I could. I tried calling, texting and hanging out till I realised that maybe it was about time I let go. Maybe we will find our ways to each other someday or some year but for now I let go and I am okay.

Take time out to think about relationships that are hurting you but you still holding on because you want it to work. Or maybe you are scared of life without that person. You are worried if you will be happy and you don’t even know if you will be able to stand seeing them happy with someone else. If you are not happy anymore, let go and trust the process, you will be fine.

Share in the comments section of the time you let go or why you are scared of letting go.

4 thoughts on “#HealingAugust :Of Letting Go and Being Okay”

  1. I had to let go the moment I realised , I would also choose my mom anyday anytime. It was a battle , with me pulling him my way and trying to make him see reason and his mom on the other hand telling him a zezuru working wife is a no no no. So in the end I let go and here Iam enjoying my happly ever after. I always say to people “ I chose me and let go of pain”
    Iam Happy you chose you and let go.


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