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#HealingAugust :Lessons From My Past

Every day that we are breathing we find ourselves in different situations, with a lesson learnt everytime if you choose to pay attention. My past had me in the good, the bad and the great and from it all I learnt something.

From the mistakes , the stupid decisions and to getting it right sometimes, I have taken notes and the lessons from my past have influenced my everyday life.

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On Family
We don’t get to choose who becomes family, we are just born into the drama, fun and commotion. Make time to talk, to chill or to call because there is going to come a time when they are gone and all will be left are memories.

SideNote : It’s okay when you are not close with everyone that don’t mean you don’t love them. Also remember family can hurt you but guess what they still remain family

On Friends
It is said friends are the family we choose for ourselves so you really need to make the wisest of choices when it comes to these. Understand the dynamics of your friendships so as to not expect more than they can offer. As much as it hurts ,it’s okay to let go when a friendship is no longer serving your best interests. Not every friendship is for a lifetime.Some are for a reason and others a season. Betrayal from friends hurts but life goes on.

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On Relationships (ya’ll know I mean MEN)
This year saw me getting dumped and left me with a few questions. Will not get into the details that’s a story for another day. I learnt that when someone really wants to leave nothing will make them stay. I realised also from my past relationship that you can never teach someone how to treat you or love you. So many times we hold on to things because of the identity it has given us and the fear of being without them. I am not clean , I sure have been a villain but even after my very few years in the relationship arena I know that it takes two to tango so singular efforts will only hold a relationship for so long. And most importantly a relationship without God is no relationship.

SideNote : You can and you will get over that heartbreak

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On Life in it’s entirety
Challenges will always be there and even if it feels like it’s the end if you are still alive , then there’s a chance it will get better. At one point I thought I really couldn’t go on and it was way better with me gone.

I tried to take my own life hoping to just end everything and do away with all the negative feelings. There is nothing in this world that is too bad for one to end their life. I mean NOTHING! !!! So many times it feels like you are alone but I realised they might not be a million but there are people out there who actually genuinely care about you.

Whenever you feel you have just had it and the storm of life seems to be swallowing you up, here’s what you ought to do. Place your hand on your heart, the beat you feel, that’s purpose. You are alive for a reason don’t forget that. Also just be kind out there you don’t know the demons the next person is fighting.


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