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Remembering The Victims Of August 1

Last month was a healing month and we tagged it #HealingAugust. This is a topic that I wanted to write about but certain messages from certain people when I put up a poster for the story held me back but here I am.

August 1 for me is a very special day as it is the day I was brought into this world. What was supposed to be just another normal birthday where I usually do nothing unless I am working, will forever be remembered by many Zimbabweans.

Especially those family members of the 6 unexpecting civilians who were shot dead in the Harare the capital of Zimbabwe on August 1 2018. Many were also injured and will live the rest of their lives with the scars and memories of that dreadful day.

The violence began as there were protests with people demanding the release of the presidential election results which had taken longer to be released.

Allow me to say that Zimbabweans were so hungry for change after the Mugabe regime that when President Mnangagwa came into power they had hope that the new dispensation would bring in change.

The August 1 shootings then brought Zimbabwe back into the global spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Then came the  Kgalema Motlanthe Commission of Inquiry which recommended that victims be compensated.

But in a way I believe this took the nation which simply needs healing a 100 steps back. So who then is responsible for the shootings? Who ordered the shootings and what were the findings from the Kgalema Motlanthe inquiry?

Even if the victims who were injured or the families of the deceased are compensated, will it bring back the loved ones who were simply going on with their lives but met the angel of death through the gun?

Will anyone ever own up to what happened and will anyone ever be held accountable for it . All I can say is memories of my birthday last year simply go on to show that living in Zimbabwe is an extreme sport and no matter who you are especially the ordinary Zimbabwean, you are not safe.

May the Almighty continue comforting the families of the August 1 victims hoping one day they will get the closure they seek. This just adds on to the many crimes against humanity which are simply talked about for a few days or weeks and are soon forgotten but leaving behind scars ,pain and division within the nation. When wrong doings are done over and over again they appear normal to the receiving end.

Will it ever CHANGE?

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