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New year same sh*t

First things first, happy new year lovlies and may the new year be amazing and bring with it all the nice things life has to offer and may everything you put your mind to actually happen.

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New year new things is the most used phrase each time we enter the new year sometimes overused though. If you have been in Zimbabwe for the greater part of 2019 you would probably agree with me that the year was full of drama and left us wondering what type of a country we have been living in.

We had the internet shut down in January and had the majority of Zimbabweans downloading VPN’s and Telegram all because certain individuals deemed it fit to shut the internet. People were not at work ,buses were not moving and those working at the airport had to find a way to make it to work as people still had to travel.

Some women were said to have been rapped by soldiers and we are yet to know who did it or if they did it. Robert Mugabe died and there was drama as to where he will be buried. The vice President of the country fell sick and left the country to seek treatment and came back looking fresh.

Fuel prices kept going up almost every Monday till we got used to it and we don’t know what the new year holds. We have had people being arrested for corruption and later not hearing anything about them. We have had people educated turn to “illegal money trade” as the inflactuating rate of the US dollar to the local currency has others smiling all the way to the bank.

It’s a new year and we still waiting for Nelson Chamisa and Emerson Mnangagwa to talk ,I really wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s 2020 and we still have the same government and leaders in positions of power. We have parents stressing on how to make it through the new year with kids to feed and fees which seem to be getting more and more expensive.

It is really not about it being a new year but people’s mindset in the new year. You can not be doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. Despite how bad the year was some people still came out winners so can you in the new year. So believe me celebrating the new year is still okay but make sure you set the goals and make it work and never stop.

Here’s to making 20plenty work.

2 thoughts on “New year same sh*t”

  1. Nicely penned Scotchyroyalty! I for one is looking forward to slaying 2020, though I am not setting high goals and resolutions.

    Support | Creativity | Engagement – that’s how we gonna rock it this year

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