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Will you be my bridesmaid?

Weddings are such a beautiful scene and of late Zimbabweans have been going all out for their tradditional wedding and white weddings . Yes, I had to say tradditional wedding because as much as we do not want to say it, the white wedding only came from the west but well that’s a story for another day.

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When people decide to get married, they want to share the day with their loved ones and this means bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid of honour and the likes. I will probably lean more towards the bridesmaid side as I have been one a number of times.When a bride to be,asks one to be a bridesmaid, it’s more of a message to you are that, “you are special to me that I would want you to be a part of my special day”.

Yes ,at times maybe you are asked to be a bridesmaid becaue there are six groomsmen and the bride has five close friends and she is just shot of one more lady.

Whatever the case maybe, saying yes to such a request means that you are willing to go all the way for the bride. Bridesmaids wear beautiful dresses,heels and have to get their hair and makeup done on the day of their dear friend’s wedding but who has to pay for all of that? Is it the bride or the bridesmaid?

Of the many times I have been a bridesmaid, only two brides catered for the dresses and most of the stuff that had to be bought and worn on the day. Saying yes to being a bridesmaid means you are also ready to fork out some money, run some errands, reschedule your days for fitting and rehearsals. This sure is a lot but we will always do it for the ones we love. But here’s what I think brides should also consider when it comes to this whole bridesmaids business.

When you pick your bridesmaids tell them straight-up what you expect and if it will be self- funded, co-funded or sorely funded by the bride.

Also consider the place that your chosen bridesmaids are in. Sometimes they are in such a tight spot financially and the wedding requirements might just strain them. If you can meet halfway with the maids then you might as well do it. That way everyone wins and your big day is amazing. There is a growing trend of matching outfits during the lobola/roora ceremony and this also is another expense. Brings us back again to the question,Who has to foot the bill?

To the bride all I am saying is that when you choose your bridesmaids if they are going to foot the bill then make sure it’s nothing that will cost them an arm and a leg. May you not be the super controlling bride and since they will be wearing whatever it is they will be wearing on the day, can they at least have a say. If you are the bride who will be paying for everything hats off to you hopefully your bridesmaids will not be the picky ones and be stressing you. Either way the bride and the bridesmaid just have to meet halfway and at the end we hope it’s just a beautiful day.

3 thoughts on “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

  1. I think brides should also consider renting dresses out for their bridal team. This is a much cheaper option which won’t strain either party, and the bridesmaids aren’t forced to keep dresses that they will never wear to another event as well! Nice read. Please also check out my blog when you get the chance, it’s nice to see a fellow Zim blogger 🙂

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    1. I have been a bridesmaid a couple of times hence I know that sometimes it’s such a big deal.Thanks for taking time to read and glad to also find a fellow zim blogger…Let me follow your blog if I haven’t been following it already..Happy reading and writing

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