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Day 3: Life is not fair at all

Day 3 : Life ain’t f

You remember that gu

ose brain was rather You

You remember the guy whose brain was frozen everytime he was in class and was not even gifted when it came to the looks department. Oh yeah, him you definitely remember him because his face and his not being intelligent was all they knew him by. Call it luck or just fate the guy is wealthy now with a beauty queen always in his arm and materially he lacks nothing.

The colleagues who were class smart and own more graduation gowns than morning ones are out there putting in the hours from 9 till 5 for the guys in their pyjamas. Or maybe this works only for the Zimbabwean scenario where unemployment is super high but please show me a country which doesn’t have a certain part of it’s population complaining about unemployment.

There is the girl who was born with it all and lacked nothing. I know there are those who started from the bottom and now are singing “mama I made it” all the way from the top. But let’s face it your network will either make it easy for you to climb up or you struggle. There’s the one family who have it all but they are a family in name no relationship whatsoever. Then there’s the family who just survive on the little that they can afford but somehow find happiness in the little things and are happy and content. Making you wonder so what’s the missing element.

There are couples who according to society’s blue print have done everything right and still no luck when it comes to the fruit of the womb the heavens never shine on them. Then there is the lady who was simply fornicating but still ends with a little heart beat in her belly. Making one wonder how the gods choose who to bless. There are those who are blessed with the fruit of the womb but do not really care what be it blessing or curse. They get rid of their pregnancy or of they get to keep it they have the baby but dump them somewhere for someone to pick or maybe so they go back wherever they came from.

There’s the one everyone labelled a wh*re ,but she is happily Mrs Someone and her body count and all her atrocities towards the male kingdom have long been forgiven . While the one who has been keeping herself for the one who will honor her family and bring the cows home is still but waiting. With hope that the gentleman will show up one of these days.

You know what they always say about , women’s choice in men. They say the good guys ain’t no fun and sadly the bad boys usually get all the girls. There’s the brother who is damn loyal and will go out of his way to make his queen happy. Sadly he has more loses than wins in the field of love. Somehow the love is never given back. But the brother who is a serial cheat always seems to have his whole entourage still maintaining their loyalty.

I could go on and on but even if I rant til tomorrow new experiences will still show that this life we life sure is not fair. However ,it is how you make it after all. The backgrounds differ and so does circumstances but we all have 24 hours in a day and we all have the power to make a choice. You can live with what you have and make it work and make more out of it or you can live the rest of your life cursing the gods or what’re supreme authority. There are things one can change and there are those one can not it’s your choice to focus on either. Be it it’s luck (good or bad) or it’s the inevitability of fate, remember life is not a practice session. There is no dress rehearsal so make every second count because this is it! And whatever you do, remember the world owes you no damn thing.

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