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If you want to know why I write

She told me she has just started following my blog and asked me if all the stories there were my own.

Before he broke up with me he told my sister he didn’t want to turn out to be another post on my site, that wasn’t for him to choose now was it?

He is an almost friend ,and he says he feels he has gotten to know me better through my blog.. Though some think it’s a total waste of time I will tell you why I write.

For the bad and good days , be it I have a smile on my face or my heart feels like it is in a million pieces and the pain is choking me, my blog is my outlet.

I give you a tour into my unpredictable world, of the young woman who is finding herself on her journey of becoming.

The pastor’s daughter, the journalist, the sister, the friend, the aunt, the ex, the girlfriend and all that I could ever be.

I have been accused of telling too much and I pleaded guilty to the charges and continue telling my story and the show is simply Unscripted. So whatever you are looking for when you click know it’s my rules.

I tell the stories of pain , the stories of love, the stories of restoration, the stories of success and on any day I can go dirty talking waist beads, sex and all.

I ask the questions you always want to ask but never know how to ask or who to ask.

I was in a dark place at a certain time in my life but somehow the light did shine and I saw rainbows and maybe missed the unicorns. I tell my story not to get pity but to raise a debate and show people that “mental health issues” are a real thing and the more we talk about it the more we would actually save lives and change the world.

On certain days I can not open my mouth to pray but I can always write my letters to God and tell him when the world is cold and my bed not warm enough and I need a cuddle from him .

If I am not taking pictures , or talking then my fingers without me even trying get to scribble on a paper or be tapping away on my phone or my laptop. It just happens without me even trying.

You can take away everything ,even my life but you can not take away my words for they will remain.

The pen gives me liberation.
Writing frees me.

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