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A mother’s day special

If I was to write every single thing I love about my father’s wife, I promise I would write a book. For the few decades I have been on this earth you have been there every step of the way. There were days when I really wanted you and because of your job you could not be there but I knew I was I your heart and in your prayers.

Now life has happened and I do not get to see your beautiful face every single day of my life , but the moment I open the door and you hug and kiss me everything starts to make sense. You have a way of keeping me calm and making me a better version of myself. I was and still am a fireball with energy I can lend to all my siblings but that has never bothered you. You have been a mother to not just your children but hundreds of other people. If only I could be half the woman you are and have a heart like yours the world would be a better place. Thank you for holding me in prayer for the days you could not hold me in your arms.Thank you for teaching me kindness and to love without expecting.

My father’s wife and I

As we celebrate mother’s day today I asked a few people to share their stories with their mothers. What they admire the most and the fond memories with these amazing women.

She was our “bone-shaker”. Not the woman next to me, no, the Beattle behind us.
I did have some bone shaking memories with my mum though. When I was way under a metre in height, I gravely remember my right arm reaching for the fascinating gadget ontop of this wooden platform. It was intriguiging, how the maid used this gadget that kept letting out hissing sounds and what I later learnt was steam. Hot steam. Scathing steam. How do I remember a 4 year old memory years later? Easy, I have the scar to prove it. The rest of what happened  are vague memories of you rushing up the stairs to come to my rescue. I remember your tears flowing down my cheeks with my own, I remember you holding onto me for dear life. And up to this day you still do, in your love, in your laughter, in your unceasing prayers. I love you Mangwenya wangu. Happy mothers day Queen. Voice Revolution

Voice Revolution and her Queen Mrs Anifasi

The quality I love the most about my Mother is that of humility and hard work. She taught me the value of hard work and delayed gratification. My favourite childhood memory is the moments we spent alone and she was literally my only friend and we shared everything. I remember every Sunday after church she’d always take me to chicken inn and she’d always get mad when I’d eat mine in the car then she’d share hers with me when we get home (reluctantly though) lol. Tatenda
My mum is my real G. She is amazing, kind and most of all fierce. In fact she is bad a** (am sorry mum, I kmow I should mind my language). I was raised believing two things without any shred of a doubt. The first is that God knows me, loves me, and guides my life. The second is that because of the first, I can do anything that I set my mind to.
She taught me being kind, honest and loving was what was most important in life. I have found that this advice has not only helped me find balance in my life but I know one day I will extend the same principles to my kids.I’ve had many amazing childhood memories. But perhaps my favourite memory which stands out has to be everytime my mum would walk me to school every morning, in second grade because I really never had friends. Yea I was quite awkward back then and she was and still is my best friend. Yes not all super heroes wear capes. But my mum is my hero and I love her big and a million times more. Nicole

Nicole and her Queen

My greatest moments with my mom were those l spent navo tichikanya zvidhinha ( moulding bricks) for my exam fees. Thats the time l witnessed sacrificial love. She would come home around midday around the same time I would also come and we would go on our brick moulding mission. These moments were not rosey but they define where l come from with this woman and the meaning of undiluted love. I admire my mom’s courage and perseverance. She didnt give up on us, she still stands firm to cover us up even in prayer . She is my giant. Sue weUnited

The Queen:Sue’s mom..Mrs Deze

Sadly I am from a broken family and I never got to experience much as far as favourite childhood memories go. Growing up with a step mum limited a lot of things . I only knew the negative things to not having your mum around. But as I grew and had a chance to make choices I had a beautiful experience with my mum that still brings me to tears .
I had some expensive body lotion that i was using so before she went to work she saw that i was almost running out , she came back with another one. I knew she didn’t have money and she has sacrificed all her money and that just made me cry because i was older , but when I was younger and while she wasn’t there nobody cared wether ndazora cooking oil (whether I applied lotion or not) . It got to me because I had never experienced such care in my entire life. I was so used to fending for myself.
I know there is no perfection in people but my mum’s imperfections are the most perfect ones . The love that she has for me and my siblings and everyone around her is amazing . I hope and pray to be at least half the woman she is . I know she always has my back on her knees , something that I can’t always do for myself but she does it for me . I would need to do my own blog to express what i admire most about her lol. Val Maddie

Happy mother’s day to all mothers out there and may your love for your babies and those around you never change. May you know you are the glue that holds these families together and maybe your children may never say it as often but you are loved and appreciated ❤️.

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