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#AskYourMcm: Elongation of the labia minora from a man’s perspective

Saying the term in my vernacular sends shivers down my spine as I feel I am shouting out the worst profanity in the world. There has always been a debate whether the practice of the elongation of the labia minora is regarded as female genital mutilation (FGM). Wether it’s female genital mutilation or not is really not the issue at hand today.

The idea of the elongation of the labia minora comes with different theories as to why it is done and the benefits or risks that come with it. I have heard some say that it helps as a cushion during coitus , with others say it increases sensation for the lady and others saying it helps in ensuring that the male organ does not slip in and out of the female genitalia during the act.

Sadly in the Zimbabwean context the practice comes with so much pressure or you are socialised to believe that you are woman enough if you have elongated labia minora. Some daughters are not given room to choose if they would want to elongate or not, it’s a culture so one has to. There are different ways of doing it with some using their fingers and petroleum jelly. Some smoke a certain herb or portion and it helps elongate the lips.

There is so much pressure and fear involved with the practice as young women are made to believe that they need to have elongated labia so as to ensure pleasure in the bedroom this keeping a man. I have had on many occasions women saying you ought to do it lest your man tests the waters elsewhere and he will surely enjoy it and that will be the end for you. Some men have also claimed to have been seeking the pleasure of sex with a woman with elongated labia minora outside their marriages but this hasn’t always been the case.

This week we asked a few men this question : What’s your take on the issue of elongation of the labia minora (lips of the coochie) by women.As a man do you think it’s a must have for a woman and is the sex any different? Here is what they had to say:

Personally I’ve never been with someone with elongated labia but like how I feel on all issues with women’s bodies. It should be up to them. If she prefers it that way then she should but it should not be up to me. Tatenda

I guess this is a tradition in some and not all cultures ,though I have not personally encountered anything like that I am of the opinion that any tool can work wonders in the right hands,so elongated or not I believe it is the person who makes the experience count. Max

There’s a big difference and yes the sensation is different. Take this from me, men want women with elongated labia minora because there’s a certain sensation they provide as I move in and out. It’s rather sad that the women of our generation think it’s overrated but if they ask for honest opinions from these men they will see the need to do it. That Guy

Okay I reckon this all depends on your husband or boyfriend’s culture and beliefs. I have heard that it increases pleasure you as you enjoy and also that it ensures that the d**k doesn’t slip out during sex . But my question is rather for women, do you really need those elongated labias and what difference does it make whether you have them or you don’t ? Stranger

Okay I most gave a comparison of circumsized and non circumsized men but I deleted. Lol.

Personally, I do not have a problem with either or.In the conversations I have heard in society, it used to be a big deal to enhance sensation or pleasure for both man and woman, I do not know now. Also I do not have too much experience to give expert opinion 🤣. I am a late bloomer.Medically there aren’t really recorded disadvantages or advantages. Whatever the girl is comfortable with. I have no problem. Socialisation is big also in this matter. The Cool Malume

I have experienced sex with women who have elongated labia minora and those with just normal labia and didn’t make any difference. I feel it’s a bit of myth though there are some men who are turned on by it. I think it’s all about preference same way as some men will say I prefer a slim chick as she is flexible ,some say thick chicks are better cause it’s a cushion for the pushing. It is not really a must have cause I have had better sex with someone who didn’t have elongated lips so don’t be pushed it’s not a necessity do what works for you. If you are doing it do it for you. Someones Daddy

As for me I can’t say if a woman should or shouldn’t have, that’s a personal choice and its nature. Its boderline the same debate women can ask if men should be circumcised or not or they should seek traditional medicines to enlarge their manhood. Those are just old myths , it really doesn’t make much of a difference..its all in your head and it depends what you like as well. Tkay

If I have then I didn’t notice or I diont realise it had been elongated. So I can’t say if the sex is different. Its not like they are all the same shape and size. Gaga

I must say though that this practice will always be questioned and people will always debate about it . Whatever you do it has to be your own choice and not forced on you by anyone. I am christian and I believe sex was invented by God (for married couples) and was meant to be enjoyed so go on enjoy.

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