Hot Stuff, My COVID-19 journal

Mental well being in May

For a while the rising of the sun and the sounds of the birds chirping in the morning never brought a smile to my face it rather drained all the life out of me. If I had a choice I would have stayed in bed all day but well I had to get up , brush my hair, eat and pay attention in class.

I felt life was becoming too much and I didn’t see the point of my being on this earth despite my beating heart. It was a dark phase in my life but somehow I made it out and I share my story not to seek remorse but to show that something like depression, anxiety or suicide can happen to anyone.

I have decided to share certain things that come with mental health issues coming from a religious background and also the Zimbabwean context. Will also share stories of different individuals who have had issues with their mental health and those still struggling with it.

After losing a friend to suicide years after my own dark phase, his funeral and life after his funeral brought light on certain issues and cultural practices and beliefs in Zimbabwe when it comes to mental health and issues surrounding suicide.

Suicide cases have been in the rise particularly among men, but somehow the topic continues to be shoved under the rug with many believing that those who take their own lives are cowards and selfish as their actions show they were not thinking about the lived ones who would remain. Fair enough but how about we teach people to be okay for them and not to resort to take their one lives for themselves again as they have so much to give.

It is a pretty sensitive topic and everyone has a way of viewing it . The world has so much pressure with the media showing the perfect skin, perfect relationships, perfect bodies and perfect families. The super men and women who seem to be just managing all these pressures so well and there is someone out there who doesn’t want to get out of bad one day .

Some people have called us ” the broken generation” , but that does not mean we can not be happy or we can not heal. It is just unfortunate that we live in a fast paced world now and everyone is all about their business that we usually miss it when those around us are struggling with certain things. As we explore mental health this month please remember that you are allowed to be selfish especially where your mental health is concerned. Walk away from situations which don’t bring the best in you or send you to dark places.

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