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They call us the broken generation:Please listen

PS: I sometimes share other people’s stories but this is my story and my life.

846ba2d802b7375e23f159fe08e01867Suicide just like sex is one of the topics that no one ever talks about, things happen and people in our society just sweep it under the rug. I don’t know if it is fear of the unknown, or fear of what they might or could uncover or it is just because the norm is “we do not talk about it”.


So I tried to take my life twice ,but my family think and know I attempted it once. I would have shared my story of how and why I had done it not just once but sadly after the school sent me home, no one ever talked or questioned me about what happened. Instead all we were focused on was which school I was going to next.


Instead of talking to me ,I remember my mother telling one of her friends and pastor from church about me and when she came over to see me one of her questions was are you filled with the Holy Spirit? Fair enough we are a christian family but all I wanted was for just one person from my family to ask me just two questions : What happened and how are you?


I had to take it to my pen and paper to share about how I was feeling and cry during my prayers. I was a teenage girl who did not feel like waking up to face the world on many days and had no one to talk to. When I look back at this period in my life , I realize that there is a need for parents to create a good relationship with their children so they can be their children’s friend and someone they can turn to.  There is need to bridge the generational gap and understand that the world as we know it now is not as it was when the older generation were teens or young adults.


When I look back ,like I once mentioned in my other blog post, I will always say this until someone hears and acts on it. Mental health awareness is something that the world needs to prioritize and it is on this back drop that I will emphasize that there is need for trained counselors in schools, colleges, universities and even in the work place. Ask anyone who was in high school or even middle school and they will tell that not everyone enjoyed their days there and some took the scars into their adulthood.


A lot happens in the workplace and in his fast paced world we live in ,one is trying to manage their home, relationship, kids, family and job. There is need to have trained counselors at the workplace as this would be a way to advocate for mental health and help the people in the workplace be able to deal with their issues. Them getting help and even just a space where they can vent, could lead to less frustrated, angry,tired , stressed and anxious workers in the end they can be their best version when serving the company and everybody wins.


I am in my 20’s and we have been tagged the “broken generation”. Indeed that we are but who is willing to listen, help or guide? Men from where I come from are raised to be strong and providers and they can never show weakness. This has led to a breed of men who are broken , frustrated and anxious but is there anyone who will lend them an ear and a shoulder without judging them. The rise in suicide cases by men in Zimbabwe is worrying, but all we have to say when it happens is shame them or call them cowards.


It is not about one’s belief or color but it is all about working to ensure that we all understand that to be the best version of yourself one has to have their mental well being taken care of by themselves and also with the help of those around. One simple thing you can do to help the next person and their mental well being is being kind because in this cold world you don’t know what battles they have been fighting or are currently fighting . Spread the love and the kindness.




2 thoughts on “They call us the broken generation:Please listen”

  1. We are a broken generation so focused on posing for the perfect photo *snap smile for a selfie* sweeping away what does not fit…
    Seeming rather than being
    Yet the rubble swept beneath the carpet piles up until someone trips and yet no one speaks of it, as if that will magically make everything Ok

    We need to listen not only to each other but to ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing.

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