So the deal is one true love for everyone?

Do not ask me where I am coming from or going with this but let’s go on a trip, maybe just a coffee date sip on some hot black liquid and see if we can fall in love or maybe talk about the number of times you fell in love. After stories of beautiful and dazzling princesses saved in castles by the Adonis of Disneyworld I was left wondering if ever those princesses had fallen in love with maybe a merchant or the cleaner’s son before that kiss that changed their lives and they went on to live happily ever after.

I have been to many weddings (always a bridesmaid not yet the bride lol) and I have heard partners saying, “You are the love of my life”, and you can judge me for wondering if their wedded partner is the only person they have said that to. There are so many people who in my opinion seem to just loosely throw the word “love” out there and those who use it in all its reverence, but still making me wonder how many times we fall in love and if in this lifetime the higher power has one true love for everyone. Do we fall in love multiple times before getting to the one true love, or do we make the mistake of trying to do life with so many other people while we are supposed to just wait for the one? Or maybe there are the ones whose true love go away and now just fell in love but not with their true love.

I can tell you from experience that it feels so good to be loved someone (or maybe it was an illusion but either way it felt good lol) but we cannot run away from the fact that the only person that we have true control over in a relationship is ourselves. One is charge of their side of this love dynamic and hoping that whatever the next person does it is only to grow and nurture the relationship. Because of the need or notion of that one true love, we have people searching for “The One”. It is rather sad that most of the love stories we got to read or watch were only limited and never gave us sequels so we see if Beauty and the Beast lasted forever or if any one of them ever felt like the relationship was not working and decided to walk away. Maybe it really was not rainbow and unicorns for most of the princesses as they never got the chance to get to know the princes beyond the kiss that saved them or the prince finding the glass slipper of the beautiful hun he danced with and she vanished just before midnight.

Could the notion be based on fear, a fear of losing so we hold on to that one person with all our being? But then again despite all the fears that we have, nothing in this life time is guaranteed. One day we are going to walk this earth without our loved ones or vice versa. There are those who had found their one true love, life was not as kind and fate decided that those moments and memories they had had were enough. I can imagine how the world comes crushing and how the heart has to deal with this loss. Some go on to re-marry or get into other relationships and are still happy fellas. Some decide that they would rather stay on their own as maybe they feel they could never love someone else.

Are our platonic relationships that different from our romantic relationships? I hope your coffee is still hot so you are still following. Some say that in this life, we meet three types of people. Firstly the ones who are in our lives for a season, the ones who are there for a reason and the ones who are there for a lifetime. We have lost friends along the way and got family that maybe we do not talk to anymore.

Society insists on monogamy and this notion has people looking for that one true love and at the end of it all do we then find that one? I don’t believe in one true love. I believe one can fall in love a million times and it feels different each time. What is important is that one be honest with themselves maintaining a certain level of openness considering the fact that the needs could change in the future or something could change for instance death, breakup or divorce. I am not a skeptic but rather just questioning this notion of one true love. When we decide to marry is it because that person has proven to be our one true love or could it be the fact that whatever they do makes you feel safe and secure enough to want to spend the rest of your life with them, on top of the love that is.

So as the coffee is almost running out or maybe just getting cold as we are getting to the bottom of the cup I want you to ask yourself if the notion of one true love is true or a myth? Maybe the idea of love is simply you giving pieces of your heart away and as much as it sucks you can never get back what you gave away. So maybe if you have given a large chunk of your heart to one person then maybe that one person will have that chunk forever. Even if that one person has that big chunk of your heart it does not necessarily mean that you cannot fall in love again. In all you do guard your heart and ensure that whoever you decide to be with is that one person who deserves it and you will get an unquestionable type of love? If you have fallen in love with just one person all your life then kudos to you, may your heart always feel that way till the wheels fall off.


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